Dorian Ward Trading Co.


A handsome concept shop is turning heads in New York’s West Village. Dorian Ward Trading Co. was named after “a dashing heir to a large fortune” that purchased a farm in Kenya and bid farewell to his native England for good. The boutique specializes in one of a kind pieces such as antique barware and leather goods from the 1920’s and 1930’s. I can’t wait to stop by on my next New York visit.

VISIT: Dorian Ward Trading Co., 35 Christopher Street New York, NY 10014








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3 comments on “Dorian Ward Trading Co.

  1. Kaya

    This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth by celebrating England’s colony legacy (e.g. commandeering other lands and resources for the British crown, racist laws that treated people like second class citizens in their own homeland, resulting economic hardships and ethnic strife).

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Kaya – I like to think the shop in no way intends to be a celebration of those aspects of that legacy, but absolutely see your point. I’m glad you weighed in.

  3. Kaya

    Well my point is that you can’t selectively separate those aspects of the legacy. And when you glorify it, you’re whitewashing history and intentionally overlooking the real purpose of British imperialism (at best to “civilize savages” or other terribly xenophobic perspectives and at worst, to steal land and resources from their rightful owners).

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