Paul Costello + Sara Ruffin Costello at Home in New Orleans


I’ve been looking for interesting people to follow on instagram in New Orleans and was so happy to find Juley Le’s blog among your recommendations (thanks Jessie!). The stylish Southern blogger has a strong eye for design and these photos she snapped in the New Orleans home of Paul Costello and Sara Ruffin Costello pretty much blew my mind. The couple moved to NOLA from New York (he’s a prominent photographer and she’s a brilliant writer/editor/decorator) and have three children. I love that their insanely chic space (those ceilings, that lantern!) isn’t just stylish–it looks truly lived in. Why do I have a feeling I’m going to want to move to New Orleans? Oh dear…






(photography by Juley Le)

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5 comments on “Paul Costello + Sara Ruffin Costello at Home in New Orleans

  1. Jessie

    Katie you are so welcome! Don’t you just adore Juley?? I’ve been following her for a ridiculous amount of time and obsess over her Francophile tendencies.

  2. Juley Le

    Wow! I’m so thrilled to see this post. Thank you so much and thank you Jessie for introducing Katie to me!

    Katie, we’ll have to grab coffee with Sara when you visit :)

  3. Madison

    Where is the tie-dye looking chair from…or the fabric that covers it. I need it!!

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