My New Apartment in Chicago’s Hyde Park



My apologies for being MIA late last week–we moved! Seeking new adventures (and more space!), Alfred and I have relocated to Chicago’s Hyde Park. It’s a beautiful, tree-lined neighborhood on Chicago’s south side known for the University of Chicago (my grandparents’ alma mater), Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Robie House, and, more recently, the Obamas’ private residence. The top photo is the bay window in our new living room; the bottom was snapped on a Saturday morning stroll through our handsome new hood (those hydrangeas!). The new space has hardwood floors, white walls and molding, glass door knobs, and other quirky features. I’m so excited to share the decorating process with you and explore more of the neighborhood – be on the lookout for a guide to Hyde Park sometime soon. In the meantime, back to unpacking. Wish me luck!

(images via my instagram)

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7 comments on “My New Apartment in Chicago’s Hyde Park

  1. sylvie

    congrats, old friend! so happy to see you and Alfred in this sunny new home. Looking forward to seeing you add your decor magic and a few buddy edition beauties to this space! Big hugs. xx, sylvie

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Sylvie – So fun to see your name! Hope you’re well xoxoxo

    Marjie – Thank you! Can’t wait to share it as it all comes together!

    Jerriann – Isn’t it gorgeous here?! I’m feeling rather lucky. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Amy

    How lovely! I’m a University of Chicago grad who moved back to the East Coast a few years ago. I miss the neighborhood and the city every day. Enjoy!

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