Berdoulat & Breakfast in Bath, England


A charming bed and breakfast has opened for business In the English city of Bath, best known for its ancient Roman spas. I spotted a photograph of the stately space on the instagram feed of @sixsevensix and am so glad I investigated further. Berdoulat & Breakfast consists of two suites in the home of architect Patrick Williams, his wife, Neri, and their daughter, Wren. The building, designed by famous architect John Wood the Elder in 1748, also houses Patrick’s business, Berdoulat Architectural Design. The property was in shambles when the couple purchased it, but has since been restored to its original grandeur (albeit with a modern twist). Focused on preservation, Patrick’s rooms retain their historic integrity without compromising livability. My favorite room has to be the library (pictured below), brimming with the distinctive orange of classic Penguin paperbacks. Have you ever been to Bath…? I hope to someday pay the Williams a visit!









(photography via the Berdoulat & Breakfast website and the instagram @sixsevensix)

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4 comments on “Berdoulat & Breakfast in Bath, England

  1. Jessie

    Bath is my favorite city in the whole world! I visited years ago when I studying abroad and fell in love the minute I stepped off the bus. The mix of so many time periods and gorgeous styles of architecture, the rich history of travellers visiting this mecca of healing and relaxation, the parks and landscapes, and the Jane Austen Centre (Northanger Abbey is my favorite novel of hers)! So dreamy. The Jane Austen Centre was really fabulous, I recommend having tea there as well. I’m planning to visit again during my trip in October!

  2. abby

    I did my semester abroad in Bath. It’s hands down the most charming city in the world. I’m itching to move back. It truly is my favorite place on earth.

  3. Eileen

    You absolutely have to go to Bath the next time you’re in the UK, Katie! It’s an easy day trip from London and so beautiful. The whole town is like a shrine to glorious Georgian architecture and the countryside around the town is so lovely it breaks my Anglophile heart. Now that I know this gorgeous bed and breakfast is there I may have to make my next visit an overnight!

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Jessie – You make it sound incredible! I am sure to be a fan of anywhere with a Jane Austen Centre. I must plan a trip!

    Abby – What a lovely place to study abroad! I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to get a teaching job at the university there. Probably a pipe dream, but you never know!

    Eileen – I’m sold! Sadly, it doesn’t look as though we’ll have time to go when we’re there in September, but I’m already dreaming up other excuses to visit. Thanks for weighing in!

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