Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire

I’ve been eagerly awaiting photography of Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, England and the Wall Street Journal magazine finally spilled the beans. The rural retreat is the usual Soho House luxury with a distinct country twist. In addition to 40 guest cottages, the sprawling 100-acre estate includes a variety of outdoorsy activities such as boating, horseback riding, and in wintertime, ice skating. I’m excited to see Oxfordshire for myself when we make a day-trip to the University of Oxford next month (have you been? Let me know of any tips!). Perhaps this calls for a little detour en route!

(photography by Robbie Lawrence)

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  1. Charlotte

    Ah, I’m completely envious of your London/Oxford travel plans! If you have time, definitely Blenheim Palace about 20 minutes from Oxford proper. In Oxford itself, don’t miss the Christ Church college Picture Gallery. And, on another (no less important) note, treat yourself to a milkshake at Moo-Moo’s in the covered market. :) Enjoy!

  2. Melkorka

    I absolutely love all the dreamy and cosy european interior spreads that you have been posting lately. Their old-world elegant & yet lived-in collected style have been a treat to consume with my morning coffee! cheers!

  3. Anna

    You have to check out the Alice in Wonderland shop at 83 St Aldate’s- so many cool gifts! And they do an Alice in Wonderland tour of Oxford by a local historian.

  4. Grace

    Ah I love these photos! I fell in love with Oxford when I studied abroad there. My recos:

    – Oxford blue(berry) ice cream from George & Davis
    – The Eagle & Child pub – once the go-to pub for J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis
    – Ashmolean Museum – lots of natural historical artifacts
    – The Bodleian Library – Famous. Students aren’t allowed to check books out because many are first editions or very old. They even have security screen bags on the way out to make sure no one’s pilfered any tomes!
    – Radcliffe Camera – Part of the library. It’s a very unique building and a great study space.
    – The Duke of Cambridge bar – One of my favorite cocktail bars when I was a student.
    – The Covered Market
    – Definitely vist the colleges if you can. My alma mater is Trinity College. The grounds at Magdalen are beautiful and it’s been said that the phrase “ivory tower” refers to theirs. Christ Church is also beautiful. Their dining hall inspired the look and feel of the one in Hogwarts.
    – Make a pitcher of Pimms and go punting on the river.
    – One of my friends made an extensive list here:
    – I’ve categorized my love affair with Oxford here:

    Hope this helps!

  5. Cindy Perrin-Martinez

    You can’t go to Oxford without visiting the Bodleian Library and the Radcliffe Camera. It was one of my favorite spots I visited in England. Enjoy!

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