J.Crew Spring 2016 Collection


My instagram feed blew up yesterday with images from J.Crew’s Spring 2016 preview. The playful yet tailored collection suggests the iconic American fashion brand is returning to its roots. Flirty twists such as embroidered shorts, statement earrings, and sequin skirts kept things interesting and patterns (stripes, gingham, madras!) can be found in spades. Three cheers to J.Crew getting its groove back.







(images via Vogue.com)

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5 comments on “J.Crew Spring 2016 Collection

  1. Pink Camellias

    Hmm…looks like I’m going to have to give J. Crew as second chance. I used to be obsessed with J. Crew and bought anything that wasn’t a basic tshirt or jeans there. Half my closet is J. Crew. Then all of a sudden, it just fizzled for me. It just seemed sooooo expensive and the designs were becoming inaccessible. I might just have to hop over to jcrew.com to have a look!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    I totally understand. The past few collections haven’t tugged at my heartstrings the way they used to. Here’s to hoping things change–the fall stuff is looking good!

  3. Alison @ Peacoat Diaries

    I don’t know, I thought this collection was a miss. The gingham and washed out plaid seemed a bit dowdy to me, and I’m already tired of the off the shoulder looks — are we really going to be wearing them almost a year from now? I loved the stripes, though — there were some killer black and white pieces, and the rainbow maxi is wonderful.

    I have a nostalgic love of J Crew and I’ll always be pulling for them, but I don’t think this is the collection that they needed to turn things around.

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Alison – Love an honest reply! I’m curious to see it on the shelves and just how wearable it will be. Time will tell I suppose… Have a good weekend! xx

  5. Ali Burtt

    I agree with the other Alison above. I love J. Crew when they do beautifully made, structured basics. I’d call that “their roots” and they’ve been very far from them for a while. What I see above is a circus tent and an art smock. I’m pretty conservative fashion-wise and J. Crew was a go to brand for me for many years. Now I might buy one or two pieces a season. Usually wool sweaters, wool blazers, t-shirts (when they aren’t see-through) and the occasional dress if they’re showing a fun floral or geometric print. These looks seem destined for the sale rack.

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