Let The Wedding Planning Begin


While in his hometown of London earlier this month, my man got down on one knee and asked me to grow old with him and make big, bouncing Catholic-Jewish babies. I said “Yes!” and early the next morning we took the train to Paris like two starry-eyed teenagers in love. We drank champagne, made friends with an elderly Parisian gentleman at Café de Flore, and feasted on a baguette and Camembert on a park bench in the Place des Vosges. Now we’re home and reality has set in: I’m five-pounds heavier and we have a wedding to plan. Both sets of parents swiftly nixed our elopement ideas, so we’re cooking up something similarly low-key and intimate. I’ve got to find a dress (have I mentioned I loathe wearing dresses…?), some shoes, and a bouquet. Below are some images from my wedding board on Pinterest for inspiration (you’d think the 978 pins would have scared the poor man off). Let me know if you have a favorite wedding website I should check out for ideas!  







(calligraphy by Stephanie Fishwick, anemone arrangement via Snippet & Ink)

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19 comments on “Let The Wedding Planning Begin

  1. Marjie

    Katie Congratulations!!! I love the good news on a Monday afternoon! I know you will be a beautiful bride and will find the perfect ensemble. I adore your exquisite taste and am excited to follow the journey.

    Again, congrats to a happy beginning!


  2. Maggie Stephens

    Many congrats, Katie! I was just poking around your wedding Pinterest board and wondered if you’d go sleek and modern or soft and romantic ;). My wedding was soft and romantic elements in a modern space (art gallery in an old industrial space). If I did it over again I’d do sometime small and intimate though. Best wishes and happy planning!! Xo

  3. Ada

    So happy and excited for you! I’m really looking forward to observe as you put this event together–a joyful, grand milestone. Congratulations!

  4. Heather Penn

    Though I already wished you congratulations on your Instagram, I must say it again: Congratulations!!! I really look forward to see what you and your fiancé plan for your wedding.

    My younger sister married a sweet British man (from Devon) this summer. Her dress was quite unconventional; she is a little bit of a bohemian. She found her dress at ASOS, and it was stunning. It was ivory and flowy and it had gorgeous gold, orange, green and blue embroidery on the top half, a deep V back, and beautiful embroidered sleeves. It’s really hard to describe how pretty it was (just take a look at my Instagram @heather_penn) and scroll back a bit to the end of June. She looked like a beautiful wood sprite.

    I also bought her flowers at Trader Joe’s on my way up to her wedding – everything for the tables (a variety of mixed wildflowers) and her bouquet. Her bouquet was three or four gigantic sunflowers tied up with butcher’s string. It was perfect! So, ASOS and Trader Joe’s are my suggestions, I guess! :-)

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Maggie – I would love to get married in an art gallery! So chic! Thanks for the well wishes xx

    Ada – Thank you so much! Here’s to hoping it’s stree-free :)

    Heather – You’re such a sweetheart. I was actually poking around ASOS this morning…great minds! And TJ’s has the best flowers. Sounds beautiful–can’t wait to check it out on your insta xo

  6. Carly A. Heitlinger

    So, so excited for you! And selfishly sitting on the edge of my seat for photos of everything! You will have the most swoon worthy wedding I am sure!

  7. chesa

    yay, best wishes! I’m very excited for you and looking forward to seeing what you plan for the big day. enjoy this special time. :)

  8. Jackie


    Love your blog so much that I feel like I know you. So very happy for you and the lucky guy :)

  9. Sylvie

    so much love and magic reading this post! congratulations, my dear. you will be a magnificent bride, wife, mama in this next chapter of your life. i love the idea of you two saying “I do” in London, outdoors, by the Thames, and maybe the reception in The Tate Modern? Rooftop?
    sending the biggest hugs and kisses!

  10. Lisa

    Congrats! And a big YES to baby’s breath! We used it as the centerpieces at our reception and I get excited every time I see it in wedding pictures.

  11. Sarah

    Congratulations, Katie! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see what prettiness you plan!! I’m obviously biased here but I hope you’ll peruse my wedding blog – http://www.classicbrideblog.com – and find some ideas and inspiration for your big day! My blog’s focus is on preppy and polished weddings and I think the style is very similar to yours (which is probably why I adore following you so much!)

  12. Karen

    Congratulations! So happy for you!! I got married years ago but I still find myself perusing the BHLDN website because I love their stuff. Small, intimate weddings are my favorite! I’m sure whatever you guys end up planning it will be just wonderful. Congrats again and enjoy every minute of it!

  13. Jamie

    Dang! Your Pinterest board is on point. Congratulations and if you don’t like dresses, I bet you’d look gorgeous in a Bianca Jagger wedding getup!

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