Our New York City Hall Wedding


I promised to share a few photos from our recent nuptials, and here they are. Our families met us at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau on Friday morning and we were in and out in under an hour. It was so moving to watch all the other nervous, excited couples wait their turn—gay, straight, young, old, American, and foreign. The whole experience was lovely, simple, and fun. Of course, I still managed to cry even though the ceremony lasted all of five minutes. As we walked out, other couples offered congratulations and my heart swelled–so much love and kindness in the air. Thank you, Simon Wolfe Taylor, for always making me laugh, teaching me big nerdy words, and taking me to be your wife. xo





(photography by Rima Brindamour)

26 comments on “Our New York City Hall Wedding

  1. Charlotte

    Oh my gosh, you guys are just the cutest, most beautiful couple! Wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness! x

  2. Jackie

    Congrats, Katie!

    Thank you for sharing photos. Though, I’ve never met you, I’m an avid follower and I feel like I know you.

    I love everything about your wedding – no circus. Just real and intimate.


  3. Jamie

    What a beautiful post! I’ve always thought that city hall weddings (and elopements) are the most romantic weddings. You’re a lovely bride and you both look so radiant and happy. Congrats!

  4. dana

    I’ve seen a lot of photos of you over the years, but I have never seen you look happier or more radiant. Extra glowing, in fact ; )
    All the very best happiness to you, Katie and Simon!

  5. Heather

    Katie, you look so radiant, happy, and beaming with joy! These photos just scream “LOVE” and you two make a lovely couple. Congratulations to you and Simon!

  6. Jennie H.

    What a chic and beautiful bride you are! Love your blog and I wish you and your husband much happiness!

  7. John Buckley III

    Congrats to you both-The most wonderful thing about these photos is the happiness on your faces! Wishing you both a long and happy life together! Excited to share 2015 as an anniversary year with some many lovely couples!


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