The Daily Hunt


Polka Dot Apron, $30


Glimmer Mini Hoops, $34


Jack Russell Bookends, $65


Buffalo Check Trouser Socks, $12


Set of 4 Marble Cheese Knives, $39


Heart Print Tights, $14


Iris Dome Table Lamp, $129

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3 comments on “The Daily Hunt

  1. Phyllis

    Long time blog reader and Katie fan! : ) Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE these Daily Find posts {SO much help with Christmas shopping and all year round shopping!}. Your taste is flawless, I love the way you simply showcase each piece and hope you never stop publishing these lists! Just wanted to say great job and thanks!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Phyllis – That is so great to hear! It’s so helpful for me to know which posts you all enjoy. Will be sure to keep them up. Hope you have a lovely holiday! xo

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