Cabana Magazine: Carolina Irving’s Paris Apartment


Do you read the new London-based travel and design magazine, Cabana? My friend Jane and I stumbled across an issue at a wine bar in Rome and drooled over every page. The latest issue includes the stunning Paris apartment of textile designer Carolina Irving. As you can see in these photos, every inch of the sophisticated interior is bohemian chic. Order the latest issue of Cabana Magazine here.








(last two images by @olympiairving, all others by Cabana Magazine)

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2 comments on “Cabana Magazine: Carolina Irving’s Paris Apartment

  1. Frances/Materfamilias

    Definitely drool-worthy, and I’m keeping an eye out for this. I loved this sentence of yours, tossed so casually, “My friend Jane and I stumbled across an issue at a wine bar in Rome,” particularly as I’m going to be in Rome next week. (Of course, I’ll be visiting my daughter, her partner, and my wee g’daughter there, and we may not find ourselves in wine bars with sophisticated reading material, but one can hope…
    I do enjoy your blog but rarely, if ever, comment. Trying to show the blog love more in 2016… Thanks for yours!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Frances – I’m so glad you said hi! I hope you have an amazing time in Rome, what an incredible city it is. And how nice to have family there! You never know, you might just stumble into the same wine bar :) Safe travels!

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