The Andy Spade Auction at Paddle8


I love Andy Spade. The man is a brilliant creative, witty as hell, and humble to boot. Interviewing him and Kate at their Manhattan apartment years ago was, cliched though it may be, a dream come true. Their apartment is unfathomably chic (standing in that red room was a spiritual moment) and the two of them are just so…cool. Paddle 8 is auctioning off a ton of Andy’s art collection and boy do I wish I were in the position to bid. From a six foot tall Hansa Giraffe to Hugo Guinness to Damian Hirst, there are more beautiful things than I’d know what to do with. See that framed piece below beside the taxidermy bird…? I asked Andy if it was drawn by his little girl, Bea, to which he casually replied, “No, it’s a Basquiat.” Not my shining moment. Should you be in the market for one, the Basquiat’s starting bid is $50,000 (NBD). Happy bidding!

P.S. My friend David Coggins did a fantastic interview with Andy to accompany the auction. Definitely check it out.










(images by Kyle Knodell for Paddle8)

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2 comments on “The Andy Spade Auction at Paddle8

  1. Kirstin

    The very first thing I bought with my very first paycheck was a Kate Spade bag. It was a proud moment. Do you have a link to your interview with them? I would love to read it!

  2. Lindsay

    That article you guys did in Matchbook is still one of my favorites – I go back to it frequently for inspiration. Oh, how I wish I could bid on some of those pieces! Love the Baquiat/Bea story! Great opener for cocktail parties – “So, this one time at Kate and Andy’s I mistook a Basquiat for a Bea original…” :-)

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