Best of Etsy: Paper Landmarks


Have you ever wanted a replica Taj Mahal? How about an Eiffel Tower? Thanks to the Etsy shop, Paper Landmarks, now you can one of each. This clever boutique based in Latvia sells paper model kits and assembled models of the world’s most famous architectural landmarks. I love that you can buy them finished if you’re lazy (tempting!), or for those that are more crafty, assemble it yourself. Wouldn’t they be a great family project or gift for older kids? You can also “upgrade” your order by selecting a custom color (perhaps you desire a pink Arc de Triumph or blue Parthenon…). There are over 30 models to choose from and you can find them all here. I’m leaning toward the Taj Mahal, which would you choose? Would you order it pre-assembled or do-it-yourself?


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