Louis Vuitton: Volez! Voguez! Voyagez! at the Grand Palais


I’m sad to be missing Louis Vuitton‘s incredible Volez! Voguez! Voyagez! (Fly! Sail! Travel!) exhibit at Grand Palais in Paris. The show closes February 21 and showcases 300 pieces of Louis luggage from 1854 to today. Included are quirky originals like the safari-print set crafted for Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited. The exhibit was designed by opera director Robert Carsen, who had the fun idea to present all the pieces in transit—in the desert, on the Orient-Express, on the wings of a vintage plane. The exhibit is relocating to Tokyo in the spring—perhaps I’ll try to catch it in Japan!





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2 comments on “Louis Vuitton: Volez! Voguez! Voyagez! at the Grand Palais

  1. Katherine

    Wow, this sounds like a fantastic exhibit! A trip on the Orient-Express is at the top of my dream bucket list, and Louis luggage would be the peak of luxury for such a journey! Katie, I’ve followed your blog for years, and am loving the abundance of posts recently!! I’m looking to invest in some coffee table books (preferably art/artist-related, but maybe some fashion and travel books, too), and was wondering if you’d ever do a post on some of your favorite coffee table books? I realize this might be akin to asking a mother to choose her favorite child, but I thought I’d ask, regardless! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful things with your readers, and congratulations on your wedding and upcoming move!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Katherine – I would LOVE to do a post about my favorite coffee table books! I’ve been downsizing my collection in preparation for our move and it’s been a bit devastating! And love that the Orient-Express is on your bucket list, mine too! That could be another fun post…bucket lists…hmmmm :) Thanks for reading and leaving such a sweet comment! xo

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