Artist Spotlight: Photographer Jessica Kenyon


I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. We’re currently drowning in packing boxes. Five short days until our Copenhagen adventure begins! Packing is so miserable—I’m just trying to focus on Danish pastries and Royal Copenhagen china. Moving right along, how fun are these underwater florals by New Mexico photographer Jessica Kenyon…? Peonies are everywhere these days so it’s refreshing to see them styled in an unusual way. The versions with the dark backgrounds are my favorites. Explore Jessica’s full collection here.







Abstract Art © Jessica Kenyon Studio

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3 comments on “Artist Spotlight: Photographer Jessica Kenyon

  1. Lauren

    Packing is the worst! Where does one put the random bits and bobs? Good luck with the move! I’m so looking forward to reading about your next adventure! Best wishes for safe travels and a wonderful beginning in Copenhagen!

  2. Frances/Materfamilias

    Georgeous photos! You’re right that it’s wonderful to see a new approach to styling peonies, not that I could easily tire of their lush extravagance. Good luck with the move. Copenhagen is a city that intrigues me and it will be great to see some of it through your discerning eye. But we’ll let you get packed and then unpacked first. Good luck with it all!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Lauren – Thank you for your sweet note! I can’t wait to just be in Copenhagen and be settled! Soon enough! xo

    Frances – Thanks for the well wishes! I can’t wait to report back from my new city :)

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