The Bergl Rooms in Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace


My friend Jane and I finally settled on a jaunt to Vienna for my 30th birthday in late March and I couldn’t be more excited. Do you have any Vienna travel tips for us…? I’d love to hear any of your favorite museums, shops, or restaurants. One place I’m anxious to explore is the Schönbrunn Palace. The landscape murals by Johann Wenzel Bergl in the palace’s Bergl rooms look absolutely stunning. When her upstairs apartment became too hot, Maria Theresa (the Holy Roman Empress and Marie Antoinette’s mother) used the space as her “summer rooms.” The following generation covered the murals with grey canvas screens (can you even imagine?!) which weren’t removed until 1891. Thank goodness some restorers began working their magic in 1965 and returned the murals to their original splendor. Fingers crossed we get to visit!











(photography by Alexander Eugen Koller)

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7 comments on “The Bergl Rooms in Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace

  1. Jamie

    Oh funny – I’ve had one of these stunning murals pinned, but had no idea where it was from. Glad to find out. Hope that you have an amazing birthday trip!

  2. Charlotte

    Vienna is extraordinary, you will love it! These are maybe obvious, but don’t miss the Kunsthistorisches Museum, and cake + coffee (or champagne..) at Café Demel and Hotel Sacher. What a great way to ring in the big 3-0! Have fun! X

  3. Michelle Flynn

    Please, please share your Vienna trip with us! I am going in May for the first time and I know you will inspire me.

  4. Lindsay

    Rent a bike and ride around the city. The bike paths are amazing. Have a wurst and champagne on the street at Bitzinger — a wurstelstand outside of the Opera house. Stroll the gardens and the gloriette at Schonnbrunn The museum at Schloss Belvedere is nice.

  5. Alanna

    So amazing, I adore Austria! You must see a concert, explore all of the gardens, have a treat with champagne at Demel, and enjoy Sacher torte over coffee at Hotel Sacher. I was recently in Vienna and have a whole slew of business cards at home of some of my favorite shops + restaurants. Feel free to send me an email and I’m happy to send along my favorites – imagine linen shops, home goods, and some chic Bavarian-esque clothing. XX

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