And We’re Off!


We’re headed to the airport in 30 minutes! Alfred is a bit anxious about the flight, but I keep reassuring him that everything will be just fine. I can’t believe the next time I write we’ll be residents of Denmark! Have a lovely weekend and if you like, follow my adventures in our new homeland on instagram. Wish us luck! xo Katie


4 comments on “And We’re Off!

  1. Jamie

    How incredible!! Best of luck to you with the big move – I can’t wait to follow your new adventures. I can’t imagine how excited you must be. : )

  2. Maureen Sullivan Stemberg,Interiors


    I know you will love living there.
    It is such a beautiful country.
    The people are lovely and quite

    Oh wait till you see the design community.
    They are so ahead of us. The flower shoppes … I could still all day.

    Enjoy! I do hope you will keep blogging.


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