Artist Spotlight: Canine Portraits by Wilma Wau


Looking for a way to celebrate your four-legged friend? Berlin-based artist Wilma Wau creates fantastic original pet portraits using watercolor and wax. You can purchase from the selection in her shop or order a custom piece. It’s hard to find canine-inspired art that isn’t cutesy, but these pieces would hold their own on any sophisticated gallery wall (move over, Gerhard Richter!). I’m tempted to have her create a custom Alfred the pug. Explore all the Wilma’s art here.


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2 comments on “Artist Spotlight: Canine Portraits by Wilma Wau

  1. Phyllis

    I love your artist spotlights. I have already contacted a previous artist you featured and will do so for this one. Please keep doing these! I have an Etsy account but never know where to even start. You curate things so well. Thank you!!


  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Phyllis – I’m so glad you’re enjoying these posts because I love creating them! Etsy can be so overwhelming, but there is some great art on there. Thanks for saying hello! xx

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