Best of Etsy: The Bee and The Fox


These sweet t-shirts by The Bee and The Fox stole my heart. The “Mama Bird” tee may be my first purchase when we get pregnant. After many disappointing delays due to my health (hypothyroidism is such a drag…), we are hoping to finally begin our first round of IVF at the end of the month. I’m nervous (never been a big fan of needles), but am so excited to get started creating our little miracle baby (this onesie made me laugh). If fertility issues are something you’d like to hear more about I’m happy to share more about our experience. Just let me know. Meanwhile, explore more of The Bee and The Fox’s cute t-shirts here.


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19 comments on “Best of Etsy: The Bee and The Fox

  1. Lisa

    These are too cute!!
    Good luck!!! My sister has struggled with fertility and I know how disappointing and stressful it can be. Sending you happy thoughts and praying for a successful result on the first try!!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Lisa – Thank you for your well wishes! They mean more than you know. It’s been a long difficult year, but we’re trying to stay optimistic. I hope everything worked out for your sister! xx

  3. N

    Best of luck! I, too, have struggled with fertility and did multiple rounds of IVF. We were finally blessed with our little miracle (who I very much wish would take a nap right now) through use of a donor. The journey can be long and strange and take you to places you’ve never anticipated but know you are strong enough to reach the other side! You will be in my prayers……

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    N – I love to hear success stories! I hope I have a little miracle keeping me up someday soon! Thank you so much for your prayers and for saying hello and sharing your story. It gives me so much hope. xx

  5. SBE

    Good luck! I have hypothyroidism and I’m currently carrying my little boy- 16 weeks to go! Sometimes I feel like something is physically holding me down, I get so tired. Just go with it. I had the same for my girl. The second she was born I was back at it! It is temporary!

  6. Lisa

    About to start my first round of ivf too! I feel exactly the same way, nervous! Hang in there, I know it sucks Best of luck will keep you in my thoughts!

  7. Geri

    Hi Katie,
    Chin up honey……You will get pregnant. I too had problems with my thyroid and getting pregnant. I had just turned thirty and had to have my thyroid removed. My doctor started me on synthroid and I was pregnant 6 months later! Three children later, I am proof that it worked! Hang in there, eat healthy, don’t worry and have fun living your life and it will happen. Always love hearing all about what you are up to…long time reader and one of your biggest fans!

    Geri xx

  8. Katherine

    I’m also in the middle of my infertility journey – currently doing my first IUI cycle. Always love hearing the stories of others and will be following along and keeping you in my thoughts. We can do this!

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    SBE – Glad to know you found the energy you needed once the baby was born! It’s so frusturating feeling tired all the time. Feeling thankful for medication and optimistic I’ll get pregnant and get through all this. Thanks for saying hi and sharing your story! xx

    Lisa – It really does suck, doesn’t it?! Hah! Best of luck to you too! We’re not in it alone! xx

    Geri -Your story gives me hope! I am on lots of levothyroxine now and am feeling more like myself again. Damn thyroid! Fingers crossed I end up with lots of bouncing babies like you! Thanks for saying hi, always fun to see your name pop up! xoxo

    Katherine – Love your positivity! Good luck with your IUI!!! It’s always so nice knowing we’re not in it alone!

  10. Jen

    Thank you for being so open about this – I find that so many aren’t and it always helped me to just be able to talk about. Somehow that made it all seem less scary and lonely. Please share more of your experience – I’d love to hear and am happy to share mine as well. I had years of endometriosis and other “unknown” or “can’t explain” issues but am a very happy (and tired!) mama of 2! Hang in there, keep your chin up, and persevere!! xx

  11. Katie Armour Post author

    Jen – Thank you for being so open as well! I do think talking about it openly makes it easier to get through and makes me feel much less alone. So happy to hear you had two little ones despite the obstacles, gives me so much hope! Will continue to share our journey to parenthood, thanks so much for your encouragement. xx Katie

  12. Jill

    I was terrified of needles as well but I got over and even started giving myself the shots when my husband sucked at it. Those weeks will fly by and be a distant memory. I now have 19 month old twin girls and (surprise!) a naturally conceived 2 month old. Many thoughts and prayers for your treatments to be successful. XO Jill in Texas

  13. Lyndsey

    I too have hypothyroidism and am currently taking levothyroxine and liothyronine to help keep it in check. It took four years (year two was when I found out about my thyroid problem) to conceive my darling daughter. Now we’re two years in on trying for baby number two. I find great comfort when reading about other women who have the same issues with fertility and hypothyroidism. It also helps if you have a great endocrinologist – mine was a ninja when it came to balancing my levels during pregnancy! Best of luck and I look forward to checking back and seeing the happy pregnancy announcement :)

  14. LA


    I have been reading your blog for the last few years and followed along through the ups and downs you shared with us. What has always impressed me is your resilience and ability to pull through. I’m sure this time is no different. Best of luck during this process and hang in there! Can’t wait for the baby posts one day.

  15. Katie Armour Post author

    Jill – This is so good for me to hear! I was going to google YouTube videos about giving myself shots, but got nauseous just thinking about it. I’m sure I’ll get tougher though…here’s to hoping! So happy things worked out for you! I would love twins, but they very rarely transfer more than one embryo in Denmark, sigh. We shall see…! xx

    Lyndsey – Glad to know I’m not alone on the thyroid front! So happy things worked out for you…I’m sure baby #2 will happen when the time is right. Have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot of my new Danish endocrinologist these next few years… Best of luck to you! Keep in touch!

    LA – Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. There certainly have been ups and downs, hah! Means so much to me to have thoughtful readers like yourself. xx

  16. ellen

    love your taste, but would love to hear more about your life (being an ex-pat, pregnancy struggles, the first year of marriage…etc). we so appreciate your daily picks and recommendations, but also come here just for YOU.

  17. Katie Armour Post author

    Ellen – This is so helpful for me to hear. I constantly wrestle with how much/little to share. I love writing personal posts, but I always fear I’ll bore you all to tears! Will work on doing more posts about our life here in Denmark! xx

  18. Jennifer

    Hi Katie,

    I agree with Ellen. As a longtime reader, my very favorite posts are the ones about your real life, not just your wish lists.

    I’ve been crossing my fingers for you to have a miracle baby soon. I have a 12-month-old girl and am 10 weeks pregnant with baby #2. We were very fortunate to get pregnant easily both times but I have suffered with extreme nausea through both pregnancies (down 10lbs already so far!).

    Looking forward to your announcement and hoping you have an easier pregnancy. Keep us updated!

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