Next stop India…?


Hi guys. Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve had a bit of a rough week. I found out that my thyroid is still out of whack and our IVF plans have been delayed yet again. At the earliest, we’ll now be doing our first round of IVF over Christmas (nothing like hormone injections and eggnog!). With all the sadness, however, it did occur to me that the six week delay could mean an opportunity for more pre-baby travels. Simon has to work, so I’d be traveling solo. I’m thinking maybe India…?! Have any of you been to New Delhi? Jaipur? Any tips? I’m also open to other suggestions. Maybe Morocco or a week in Portugal? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for all of your kind words and support as well—you help me keep my chin up!

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24 comments on “Next stop India…?

  1. Deborah Flanagan

    Sorry for your disappointments. I would definitely recommend Portugal. Lisbon is a great place with lots to do. Very easy to take public transportation within the city and also to see places outside of the city.

    Love your blog!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Deborah – Thanks for your sweet note! Lisbon is very high on my list, have heard such wonderful things. Will keep you posted on what I decided! xx

  3. MK

    I’m sorry to hear about your setbacks. I can’t imagine what it must be like — I commend your strength and willingness to share your story; you’re helping so many other people by doing so!

    India is very high on my travel list! My last big trip was to Japan, and it was SO amazing. I was able to find reasonable flights, which made the whole trip worth it, so keep your eyes out and feel free to reach out if you need any recommendations!

    Thinking about you and sending you best wishes for good news regarding your journey to motherhood. xxxx

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    MK – Thank you for your kind words. We’re actually thinking of going to Japan for a babymoon in May or June (once it’s warmed up a bit)! I’ve never been and Simon loves it there. Thanks again for your well wishes, keeping our fingers crossed!

  5. Jamie

    So sorry to hear! I studied abroad in India – and it”s wonderful. I was based in New Delhi which can be pretty overwhelming (just depends on what you’re looking for) and I might be a tad bit nervous traveling alone there ( in terms of petty crime – just a result of the sheer density of people and level of extreme poverty). That said, India is amazing in so many ways, friendly and filled with culture. I might recommend Mumbai and the South of India (Kerala). And outside of India, Bali!

  6. Katie Armour Post author

    Jamie – This is really helpful, thank you! I am a bit nervous about me traveling alone in India, so it’s nice to get some perspective from someone that’s been there. Will keep you updated on where I end up!

  7. Hillary

    Oh Katie, sending you a virtual hug! My jacked up thyroid has been messing with our baby-making plans as well. Sending love and light your way!

  8. Janice Fercho

    We travelled to Morocco in November and thoroughly enjoyed it, Marrakech of course, and Fez if you can… and I would recommend a day trip to Essouaria (look for the goats in the Argan trees and make sure to stock up on Argan oil!), we took at pass on Casablanca on the advise of people who had been and our local guide who advised that other than Rick’s Bar its not really worth a visit….as someone who has successfully done IVF, it’s a process and a stressful one, a holiday is a great idea!

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Hillary – At least we aren’t alone, right?! So frusturating! Sending you happy thoughts as well! I’m sure it will happen for us both in time. xx

    Janice – Maybe Fez and Marrakech are the way to go?! Glad to hear they’re nice in November. And always glad to hear of successful IVF…gives me much needed hope! Thanks for saying hello! xx

  10. Jennifer

    I’m sorry to hear about your delay. Crossing my fingers for a happy Christmas surprise! (I’m not exactly sure how IVF works–when would you find out?)

    Also, I second Jamie’s nervousness about solo travel to India. Maybe Portugal?

    All the best to you :)

  11. Katie Armour Post author

    Jennifer – I’d actually be doing my egg extraction around Christmas day (oh what fun!) and that’s the day the baby is “conceived” in the petri dish. Even if we do finally begin in December we still won’t know if we’re pregnant until January…fingers crossed! I’m also thinking India alone might be a bit ambitious…maybe I’ll stick to Europe for now. Everyone is raving about Portugal lately… Thanks for your sweet note!

  12. Emily

    Morocco and Portugal! And now is a beautiful time to go weather-wise Perfect 10-12 day trip, Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, then Morocco – Essouira and Marrakech. Riad Chbante in Essaouira is a dream and the rose hammam in Morocco is heavenly.

  13. Kaya

    Thanks for sharing… I’m soon to be in the same boat, and sending you lots of positive energy.

    Taking yourself on a trip sounds like a great way to take care of yourself — please post lots of pictures of wherever you end up going!!

  14. Lynne Hippeau

    I totally agree with Deborah! Portugal is a wonderful vibrant country, Lisbon is an amazing European capital. Safe, easy, full of history, beautiful buildings, friendly people!! The food!
    The wine! The music, Fado! Visit the Tile Museum. You will fall in love. Promise.
    (I also speak Portuguese if you need a guide!!).

  15. Cherie

    I traveled to India last year and would go back again in a heart beat! Very intense but constantly amazing! Beautiful, happy people. We visited Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and flew to Mumbai for the last few days. My daughter had been living there filming a documentary and had more of an authentic experience but my husband and I booked a nice hotel in each city. It was a dream to come home to a hot shower and our laundry cleaned, pressed and waiting for us, not to mention the amazing food. By all means go to Mumbai. We stayed in the Taj Mahal Palace on the Arabian Sea and near the Gateway of India. Breathtaking, memorable trip!

  16. Cindy

    I have friends who travel to India solo and don’t mind it. They are lucky to be able to stay in nice properties and hire a car with driver so they feel quite safe. You could go to Marrakech and stay in a small riad where you wouldn’t disappear into your room and feel lonely. You could book a tour with “tours by locals” and have a great experience. I don’t know about Marrakech but on their lists for other cities there have been both male and female guides.
    PS good luck with your health

  17. Christina

    Katie, best of luck to you! We struggled with trying to get pregnant for 3 years and it took 3 rounds of IVF to get pregnant with our little dude (who just turned 7!). I actually took December off and tried to enjoy myself and did the next round in Jan and found out I was pregnant with him that February. It’s such a stressful time but take care of yourself and try not to worry. It’ll happen! I know how frustrated you must feel but hang in there.

    Have fun traveling! India sounds like so much fun.

    Take care, C

  18. N

    I loved Portugal! Highly recommend it!

    I am so sorry to hear of the delay for your cycle. The scheduling can be exhausting but making the best of it is an excellent plan.

    Thinking of and praying for you…..

  19. Allyson

    Travel and travel solo seems like a great way to make the most of the solo time you’ve got. I recently returned from my first solo trip to Ireland and it was an amazing way to experience the world (felt a lot less like a vacation, more like living an amazing life!) India and Morocco both sound like intimidating/overwelming places to visit solo, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be worth it! I love the idea of Portugal.

  20. Melkorka

    So sorry to hear about your setbacks — wishing you the best of luck! What about a trip to Iceland? You are so close that it would be an easy and worthwhile trip – although I understand the draw of visiting someplace different!

  21. Melissa

    I echo the Portugal comments. Lisbon is gorgeous but I love the Algarve too. So relaxing and breathtaking scenery. Not quite bikini weather this time of year but that will mean the crowds are gone too. Quiet days reading on the beach sound heavenly to me right now!

  22. Rebecca

    I’ve been to Delhi and Jaipur and it’s amazing. If you haven’t been I do think it could be a good trip to do pre-baby. It’s a little crazy, and I’ve found people either love it or hate it, but it’s an experience to have! I personally found it inspiring and exhausting all at the same time. When I was visiting though I was going for product development and visiting factories all day long. There’s such a rich textile history. If you go to Delhi make sure to go to the dilli haat. I also have recommendations I can email you.

    Portugal is also amazing. Again I went for work, but it’s gorgeous and the food is delicious! I’m a big seafood fan so I loved that. Lisbon has so much pattern inspiration and it’s really charming.

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