Best of Etsy: Fine Moroccan Rugs

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Marrakech (city guide coming soon!) was shopping for Moroccan rugs. After much debate (and mint tea!), I wound up buying two beautiful beni ourain rugs from my new friend Salim at Fine Moroccan Rugs. I had been admiring his Etsy shop for months (boucherouites, azilals, beni ourain, and more!) and was delighted to learn he sold his rugs in person in Marrakech’s charming carpet souk. During the call to prayer, we climbed to the rooftop of his shop, where he photographs and washes the gorgeous carpets, so I could view magical Marrakech from above. Salim recently added a bunch of new beauties to his Etsy shop (he ships worldwide) and I’m trying to resist buying more. Below are some of my new favorites from Salim and his father’s wonderful selection. You can explore their full moroccan rug collection here.

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2 comments on “Best of Etsy: Fine Moroccan Rugs

  1. Jamie

    Thank you so much for showing these! I was able to buy the second one under the cut (the one that looks like a dreamy acid trip). A trip to Morocco just isn’t in the cards for now, but I’d been hankering after a boucherouite. This will tide me over for now :)

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