The Two-Week Wait

Just popping in to update you all on our IVF adventure and wish you all a belated happy holidays. On Christmas Eve I had my egg removal (what a trip, more on that later…) and on Tuesday they transferred one beautiful, little embryo back into my uterus. We now wait two weeks (surely the longest two weeks of my life…) to take a pregnancy test at the fertility clinic. Simon has been spoiling me rotten (he adorably brought Madeline to the egg removal and read it to me while I recuperated…) and I’m just doing my best to stay stress-free. We are so excited and feeling very optimistic. While it was hardly your typical Christmas, it was a memorable one indeed. I hope all of you had a cheerful holiday full of family, friends, and delicious treats. Below, are some fun baby items I have my eye on. If we get a positive pregnancy test, I fear I may go on a bit of a spree! Above, a must-have baby bear suit.

Giraffe Shaped Wicker Basket, $79 (on sale)

Blythe Oval Crib, $899 (other colors available)

Andy Warhol ABC’s Book, $13 (also available here)

Starry Globe Nightlight, $16

Bunny Booties, $23 (on sale)

Textured Polka Dot Rug, from $149

Bunny Nursery Mobile, $112 (on sale)

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16 comments on “The Two-Week Wait

  1. Chelsea

    We have those bunny booties and the nightlight. Rufus also has a Stokke oval crib we found one Craigslist. So…love your picks. Keeping my fingers crossed. Eek!! Xo

  2. Jen

    Sending you lots of good vibes! I’ve been reading your blog forever and have never commented before, but truly feel for you and am praying for you in this adventure! xx

  3. Lisa

    Fertility struggles are the worst thing I’ve ever dealt with, so, if you need to talk to someone who has been there, shoot me a message (if that’s not too weird; I understand if it is. I just know very well how lonely it can be.) It’s a unique experience that isn’t possible for someone who hasn’t been through it to understand, as well you know. I’m in awe of your style, and now your strength, too. My best wishes for success to you and Simon.

  4. Jamie

    Oh my gosh! That bunny mobile melts my heart. I really need some nieces or nephews in my life to spoil!

    Wishing you all the best for a very happy new year, including good baby news!

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