Artist Spotlight: Fee Greening

My latest art world obsession? The brilliant work of English illustrator Fee Greening. I had the pleasure of visiting Fee’s studio while in London earlier this month and on top of being a serious talent, the girl is also an absolute doll (she sported a striped shirt and the most fab white overalls…). A graduate of Central St. Martins (where she met her studio-mate Luke Edward Hall), much of Fee’s work is inspired by cultural icons beloved by the design world (Marchesa Casati, Virginia Woolf, Peggy Guggenheim in “bellini pink”!). Needless to say, I came home with multiple prints to frame. I’m not the only one buzzing about Fee, she’s also recently been featured by House & Garden and collaborated with London curator, Alex Eagle. Below, explore more of Fee’s fantastic work and read some fun interview questions she kindly answered for us. Adore her work as much as I do…? Follow Fee on instagram here and shop her amazing prints here.

When did you realize you wanted to become an artist?
I remember going to the National Gallery when I was young and seeing Gainsborough’s Mr. and Mrs. Andrews. I tried to draw it with my wax crayons when I got home. There were tears.

Have you always been drawn to illustration?
I always drew but I thought it was just a part of something else I was supposed to do, like be a fine artist or a fashion designer. It was was quite late into art school that I realized I could just draw.

Who (past or present) has influenced your work?
William Blake is a constant obsession.

What do you listen to while illustrating?
Harry Potter audio books, Patti Smith, our studio is having a real Enya phase at the moment.

What are you currently inspired by?
I always get really obsessed with a cultural movement or social scene. I’ll spend months reading everything that has ever been written about the Mitford’s for instance. Currently I am reading lots of biographies of surrealist women. I’ve just finished one on Lee Miller and now I’m on to Leonora Carrington.

What is your dream project or collaboration?
Anything involving Patti Smith. [above, Fee in her studio.]

Favorite color?
Lapis Lazuli

Favorite gallery or museum?
The Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

What do you love about London?
I love so much about London. But I think I get the most excited about literally treading the same streets as my idols. I can go on to Hampstead Heath and sit on the dueling ground where Percy Shelley and Byron drew swords or lean against the same pub bar the Pre Raphaelites ordered from.

Something catch you eye…? Shop Fee’s fantastic work here.

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