Le Coucou New York

Several lovely restaurants have opened in New York since my last visit (I haven’t been back since we got hitched in 2016!) and I’m eager to get back and try them all. Perhaps the most instagrammed is Le Coucou in Soho. Located within the boutique hotel 11 Howard, the stunning space was designed by the celebrated Roman and Williams. Have you visited yet…? I can’t wait to see take in that mural in person.

(images by Ditte Isager for Roman and Williams)

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One comment on “Le Coucou New York

  1. Nicole Perry

    Le Coucou is gorgeous — the space and service are superlative, and the food and wine list are very interesting. I definitely recommend checking it out next time you’re in NYC, but I think it’s worth noting that the menu is (deliberately) not very modern, and is not what one would necessarily expect from chef Daniel Rose (he is also the chef at Spring, which is absolutely lovely, one of my favorite restaurants in Paris). I would best describe the menu as a throwback to the excess and luxury of 80s- and 90s-era French restaurants in NYC. Knowing that, it can be quite fun, but expect things like pike quenelles and loads of foie gras, lobster tail, and heavy cream-based sauces.

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