The Daily Hunt

Grapefruit Slice Glass Ornament, $16

Joie Velvet Blazer, $398

Pineapple Glass Ornament, $20

Ruffle Sweater, $69

Mandarin Orange Glass Ornament, $12

Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat, $995

Everlane The Boss Boot, $225 (other colors available, also at Nordstrom)

Six Foot Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig, $180

Faux Fur Collar Double Breasted Coat, $125

Waffle Glass Ornament, $16

Ruffled Knitted Dress, $275

Asparagus Glass Ornament, $24

Le Square Sweater, $345

Studded Suede Ballet Flats, $118 (other colors available)

Manhattan Beach: A Novel, $16 (Jennifer Egan’s new book is out today!)

Allison Earrings, $45 (other colors available)

Leopard Faux Fur Coat, $80 (a fun, much less expensive option)

Cherry Pie Glass Ornament, $20

Velvet Midi Dress, $395 (and shop the shoes here)

Double Breasted Coat, $180

Beehive Glass Ornament, $28

Cozy Short Pile Coat, $80

Blue and White Ceramic Ornaments, $75 for 6

Frances Blazer, $328

Floral Embroidery Mules, $120

Pow Bonded Coat, $150

Wicker Basket Tree Skirt, $78 (other colors available, I keep telling Simon I wish we could get a Christmas tree already and he looks at me like I’m crazy…)

Velvet Dot Dress, $100

Champagne Bottle Glass Ornament, $20

Faux Shearling Coat, $130

Pumpkin Pie Glass Ornament, $20

Pearl Gloves, $58

Leopard Faux Fur Coat, $290

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