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Ruffled Dress, $80

Friday is here at last. I hope, despite the heartbreak of Las Vegas (get involved in the fight for gun control here, here, and here), you’re all safe and doing okay. We found out on Tuesday that our fifth round of IVF has also failed, but I’ve been plodding on. We’ll try yet another frozen embryo in a few weeks. Quite frankly, I’m trying not to think too much about it because when I do I fall apart. I always took for granted that I’d become a mother and that raising children would be my greatest achievement. Now I feel like my very life purpose is in question. I’ve tried to remain so optimistic throughout our infertility journey, but right now, the future just seems very dark. Hoping I’ll feel better soon. If you’re struggling lately too, please know I’m sending you a huge hug. Moving along to lighter/happier matters, there are tons of great sales going on this weekend. World Market is offering 30% off sitwide with code FAMFRIENDS. Serena & Lily is offering 20% off sitewide with code HAPPYDAYS. J.Crew is offering 30% off your purchase with code GOSHOP. Ann Taylor is offering 50% off sitewide with code FALLFAST. Loft is offering 40% off everything with code FALLFEST. Pottery BarnWilliams-Sonoma, and West Elm are all offering 20% off sitewide with code FRIENDS. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’m sure I’ll be popping in with some posts. This blog is my little refuge of happy, beautiful things and I need it right now more than ever.

Scalloped Eyelet Sheets, from $28 (get 20% off with code FRIENDS)

Black Twill Shirtdress, $37 (other colors available)

Cut Glass Champagne Coupe, $48 for 4 (get 20% off with code FRIENDS)

Baby Doll Neck Dress, $60

Fleur 16 Piece Dinnerware Set, $168 (get 20% off with code FRIENDS)

Long Wool-Blend Coatigan, $64 (on sale)

Brass and Mirror Nightstand, $299 (get 20% off with code FRIENDS)

Floral Loafer Mules, $40

Victoria & Abdul: The True Story of the Queen’s Closest Confidant, $12
(have you seen the film yet? I can’t wait to see it!)

Rose Gold Flatware, $50 (get 20% off with code FRIENDS)

Polka Dot Dress, $80

S Is for Southern: A Guide to the South, from Absinthe to Zydeco, $40

Classic Trench Coat, $56 (on sale)

Peyton Glass Ice Bucket, $59 (get 20% off with code FRIENDS)

Mock Neck Seater, $49

Gold Plated Earrings, $70

Classic Leather Jacket, $474

Fleur Dinner Plates, $48 for 4 (dessert plates available here)

Peplum Knit Sweater, $57

Bow Embellished Patent Leather Flats, $430

Eyelet Ruffle Top, $48 (on sale)

Rose Gold Picture Frames, from $19 (get 20% off with code FRIENDS)

Leopard Print Cardigan Coat, $49 (on sale)

Red Faux Leather Bucket Bag, $55

Fleur Bowl, $40 for 4 (get 20% off with code FRIENDS)

Pompom Pump, $90

Ava Clear Cut Glass Vase, from $79 (get 20% off with code FRIENDS)

Stripe Eyelet Ruffle Top, $48 (on sale)

Plaid Shirtdress, $37

Brass and Mirror Console, $399 (get 20% off with code FRIENDS)

Polka Dot Pajama Set, $99

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15 comments on “The Daily Hunt / Life Update / Weekend Sales

  1. Kate Benson

    Hello Katie,
    It has been SO long since I logged on to blogs (ack! apologies) and I am sorry to hear of your misfortune with IVF. For some reason I felt the pull to leave a message and apologies if this is unneeded and unnecessary but have you ever heard of Marisa Peer and Rapid Transformational Therapy in regards to what you are going through? I had just heard a podcast with her and actually experienced an RTT session with her and it is enlightening. Best wishes to you and your husband in the future.

  2. Wren

    Hi Katie! I’ve be following your blog on and off for a few years (I go through these spells of losing track with blogging), but I do follow you Facebook and have be clicking over recently whenever I see you’ve posted something new. I’m so sorry to read about your struggle. I know this may only offer meager comfort, but I’ve said a prayer for you and your husband. I’m at odds with my faith lately, more so the culture of my faith than anything, but I do still believe in prayer and since this is important to you I want to offer a small gesture to help your family ensure it. On a lighter note, I am loving the rose gold cutlery.

  3. Jamie

    Sending you a big hug and wishes for peace. And thank you for your honesty on the subject and beautiful writing – it’s very powerful.

  4. Katherine

    sending a big hug right back to you. thank you for your commitment to this lovely corner of the internet– I’m glad it’s a refuge for you, too. it always, always brightens my day. cheering you on xx

  5. Jennifer

    Katie – I sent you an email earlier (responding to your personal note) but I wanted to add that I bought that GAP trench last year and the quality is surprisingly good for such an inexpensive coat! Hoping to try the Everlane trench next.

  6. Phyllis

    Katie, sending YOU a huge hug back. I’m so sorry this time didn’t work. Praying {truly, I do!} for you and Simon. Thanks for bringing your readers beauty despite your hurting heart.

  7. April

    Sending you a big hug. We are doing our first round of IVF in November. I’m nervous but you are inspiring me to seek grace through the whole experience.

  8. Beatriz

    Dear Katie,
    My heart goes out to you. I have been reading your blog for years, and I am very sorry about your struggle. Stay strong, beautiful lady! I hope you feel better soon, and I send you a very big hug!

  9. MaryAnne Ryan

    Hi Katie, as I read some of the other comments, I too was compelled to leave you a comment today. I am sitting here reading your blog, which is always a lovely little escape and indulgence and it is 78 degrees here in Saratoga, California and a lovely fall day and I am reminded of the joy and beauty in nature and in the changing seasons. Keep the faith and the joy in the little things and know you have your faithful followers out here pulling for you. Sending a big hug.

  10. Nancy Butler

    Sending you lots of love and compassion. I hate it that you have to go through all of this, and I so admire the strength and openness with which you are walking through it. I am sending up wishes that you will one day look back at this from a very happy place.Thank you for all the fun, inspiration and pleasure you bring to us–you are certainly a bright corner for me!

  11. N

    I am so sorry! It is such a difficult process and I wish I had the perfect thing to say to make it easier. Just please know that there are complete strangers hoping and praying for you!

  12. Katie Armour Post author

    Thank you so much for all your thoughtful comments and emails. You have no idea how much them mean to me. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Definitely feeling a bit more optimistic. xx Katie

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