The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween Costumes

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a bit lazy when it comes to Halloween costumes. Sure, I’d love to channel my inner Martha Stewart and spend weeks concocting some clever show stealer, but I’m rather craft-challenged and never seem to find the time. If you’re looking for some simple, foolproof costume ideas, today is your lucky day. Below, explore some of my favorite fun (dare I even say “chic”!) Halloween ensembles. Some of the pieces you’ll actually wear again!

Margot Tenenbaum Faux Fur Coat

Three Plays Notebook

Lacoste Polo Shirtdress

Penny Loafers (more options here)

Pink Knit Gloves


Margot Tenenbaum Striped Shirtdress

Red Hair Barrettes (and don’t forget to lay on the kohl eyeliner)

Pocket Satchel Crossbody Bag

Leopard Mask

Velour Leopard Costume

Swiss Dot Bunny Ears Headband

Cashmere Bodysuit with Velvet Bow (also love this one)

Swiss Dot Tights (similar here)

Swiss Dot Bunny Ears Headband

Swiss DotBunny Ears Headband

Polka Dot Embroidered Tulle Dress

Frida Kahlo Flower Crowns (pair it with red lip and a bold brow)

Spider Monkey Plush (to sit on your shoulder)

Smocked Floral Dress

Brass Hand Earrings (more options here and here)

Ankle Tie Heels

Faux Taxidermy Parrot (to perch on your other shoulder)

Turquoise Ring

Pom Pom Cashmere Wrap (and a less expensive option)

Tiny Gold Skull Stud Earrings

Beauty and the Beast Belle Costume

Gold Candelabra (your little Lumiere)

Where’s Waldo Beanie

Where’s Waldo Glasses

Striped Turtleneck Sweater Dress (30% off with code GOSHOP)

Costume Binoculars

Vans Sneakers

Cheerleader Top and Skirt

Glittery Pompoms (other colors available here)

Devil Horn Headband

Velvet Ingrid Sweater

Red Pumps

Devil Horn Headband

Daphne Topcoat (30% off with code GOSHOP)

Red Mules

Lace Fox Mask

Tie-Back Jumpsuit (30% off with code GOSHOP)

Cleopatra Costume

Skeleton Earrings

Grand Ball Mask

Velvet Off-the-Shoulder Gown

Suzy Bishop Burgundy Beret

Suzy Bishop Peter Pan Collar Sweater

Knee Socks

Suzy Bishop Saddle Shoes

Straw Messenger Bag (and don’t forget the binoculars)

Handmade Swan Mask

Faux Fur Coat

Sequin Cat Ears

Faux Fur Coat

Fishnet Tights (similar here)

Kitty Velvet Flats

Cat Crossbody Bag

Bats Hairband

Glitter Bat Tights

Halloween Witch Hat

Witches Broom

Sterling Silver Spider Earrings

Glitter Cat Mask

Wrinkly Velvet Dress

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume

Lace Mouse Ears

Black Halo Jumpsuit

Lace Mouse Ears

Victorian Lace Dress

Cat Ear Hair Clips

Faux Fur Jacket

Velvet Cat Bag

Masquerade Wig (love it, so Lost in Translation)

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Pin

Clear Bubble Umbrella

Leopard Hairband with Ears

Full Length Cross Back Bodysuit

Calf Hair Pump (or if you prefer comfy flats)

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9 comments on “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween Costumes

  1. Phyllis

    Katie, you are SO clever and creative. I smiled all the way through this post. There are so many fun options ~ I think the Where’s Waldo one is adorable!

  2. Helen

    Oh dear. These are really great, clever and chic but I cringed at the geisha costume. I know you meant nothing but good things with these, but that’s a very culturally/racially problematic costume.

  3. NMC

    Katie- Just a gentle reminder that culture is not a costume. I was surprised by your inclusion of kimono and “geisha” face paint.

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Helen and NMC – You’re absolutely right. An oversight on my part. Went ahead and removed that suggestion. I have so much admiration for the Japanese culture and didn’t mean to be insensitive. Thanks for calling me on it!

  5. Helen

    Katie – Thank you for engaging on the topic – and I know you had nothing but good intentions <3 This really is a fab list – very creative and stylish (of course).

  6. katherine

    hey there! so very clever and imaginative…but why should i be surprised…that’s exactly you, coupled with good taste and a keen eye. big fan of your blog. keep on inspiring! wishing you all things good. katherine

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