L’Hôtel Marrakech

One spot I can’t wait to explore on our upcoming trip to Morocco? The new L’Hotel Marrakech by beloved British designer Jasper Conran. The riad, which is located in the heart of the medina and was once part of an eighteenth-century palace, features five spacious bedrooms, multiple rooftop terraces, and a courtyard with a pool and leafy-green garden. I can’t get enough of the rooms with their crisp white linens and enviable inlay accents. So darn chic. Explore more of the dreamy new property below. 

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  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Caroline – It breaks my heart that in 2017 you still have to worry about showing affection to your wife in so many parts of the world. I hope you’ll get to experience Morocco someday (and that it will have become more progressive on that front)!

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