My Top Picks: Artfully Walls

Looking for some affordable art prints to spruce up your walls this holiday season? Look no further than Artfully Walls. The online art shop is full of inexpensive prints by painters, illustrators, and photographers around the world. From travel photography snapped in India to the traditional still life, there’s something for every artistic taste. Below, check out my top picks from Artfully Walls. Looking for more art suggestions? Explore my artist spotlight series here.

Boy on Horse by Andrew Jacona

Yesterday When We Were Young by Gina Cochran

Lemons by Elizabeth Mayville

Untitled by Elijiah Voskresenskii

Blue Composition by Sana Kulic

Young Lady by Tali Yalonetzki

Morocco Pool by Joanne Ho

Blackberry by Jorey Hurley

Blue Cups by Philine van der Vegte

All White by Erik Melvin

Spring Arrangement by Mark Perry

Branch by Kate Roebuck

Lake Pichola, Udaipur by Andrew Jacona

Diana Vreeland by Marine de Quénetain

Island by Andrew Jacona

BW#1 by Jill Sykes

Bette by Tali Yalonetzki

April Showers by Bridgette Thornton

Black Church of Búðir by Robert and Tiffany Peterson

Rain Trees by Andra Pramuk

Single Geranium by Megan Williamson

Best of Days by Julie Headland

Grandeur by Caitlin McGauley

Seagull by Elizabeth Mayville

Figs by Giulia Bianchi

Morning Prayers by Andrew Jacona

Life is Beautiful by Ingrid Beddoes

The Colors Just Like It That Way by Ophelia Pang

Sailboat by Robert and Tiffany Peterson

Bud Vase by Bridgette Thornton

BW3 by Jill Sykes

Clementines by Jorey Hurley

Blouse by Lisa Krannichfeld

Untitled by Pavel Feinstein

Turf House, Iceland by Robert and Tiffany Peterson

Hot Pink Abstract by Anna Ullman

Tulips by Megan Williamson

Icelandic Horse by Robert and Tiffany Peterson

Revelle by Holly Addi

Venice Beach by Bridgette Thornton

Sunbathing by Mary Sinner

California Poppy by Jorey Hurley

Opal Dream by Kelly Witmer

Leopard and Black by Caitlin McGauley

Dawn by Bridgette Thornton

Ruth by Tali Yalonetzki

Rose Garden by Christine Lindstrom

Four Corners Blue by Megan Adams

Marwari by Andrew Jacona

Istanbul by Caitlin McGauley

Night Garden by Christine Lindstrom

Top Knot by Elizabeth Mayville

Syd by Ashley Woodson Bailey

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4 comments on “My Top Picks: Artfully Walls

  1. Libbi

    Great roundup! We just bought a house last year and have many empty walls – I’ve been on the hunt for unique prints. That black church really speaks to me for some reason (what does that say about me!?!), and the black and white abstracts are fun!

    Of course I hope I can pick up some original pieces at some point as well!

  2. Tiffany

    Katie, I’m an artist and I just felt like telling you that your blog has inspired me for many years. Your love of design encourages me. I am transitioning into a graphic design career and starting my own greeting card company and it’s blogs like yours which have kept me happy and inspired since I was a student and a sad broke art teacher throughout the years( I LOVED when you and your friend had the magazine. It was EXQUISITE!). I know its cheesy but I just wanted to say thank you for this space. I wish you so much happiness and healing and dreams realized in your life. You have made a simple but very positive impact on mine. OK now I’m embarrassed. Have a great day!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Tiffany – Oh my goodness, aren’t you the sweetest! Thank you for this thoughtful note. Made my day. Best of luck with your new business, how exciting! Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

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