Kate Schelter’s Cape Cod Summer Home

You know how much I admire the style of artist and author Kate Schelter (remember her colorful Manhattan home?), so it’s no surprise that this new tour of her Cape Cod residence made my morning. Published by Architectural Digest, the charming property is just three houses away from Kate’s grandmother’s home. The artist shares the 18th-century saltbox with her husband and their daughter, Charlotte. Upon moving in, she gave the place quite a makeover—painting floral murals on the bedroom walls and sanding and painting the floors herself. Below, explore more of the sweet New England summer house and find my suggestions on how you can get the Kate Schelter look in your own home.

How to get the look in your own home:

Wicker Armchairs

White Pitcher

Block Print Tablecloth

Vintage Pair of Peacock Rattan Headboards

Bowood Pillow Cover

Fringed Packable Straw Hat

Dhurrie Stripe Area Rug

Classic Style by Kate Schelter

Rattan Headboards

American Flag Tapestry Pillow

Brookline Table Lamp

Floral Club Chair

White Rattan Headboard

Polka Dot Kantha Quilt

Floppy Straw Hat

Bowood Pillow Covers

Vintage Wicker Trunk

Georgia Table Lamp

Antique Camelback Sofa

Vintage Peacock Wicker Side Table

Cotton Rope Tree Hammock

Floral Skirted Chair

(interior photography by Joe St. Pierre)

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One comment on “Kate Schelter’s Cape Cod Summer Home

  1. Susan Ferguson

    I met Kate at one of her book signings on the Cape (I live here full-time) and she is just charming! I bought her book and Kate happily inscribed it to my niece. It is the perfect book for young women just starting their life outside their parents’ home. And her home is pure Cape Cod!

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