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My Top Picks From: Mango

This weekend, I could use some retail therapy. I tend to fall back on a revolving slew of retailers for my Daily Hunt posts and am trying to come up with more fresh, fun sources. One chic and affordable fashion collection I often overlook is the Spanish brand, Mango. I just spent an hour pouring over their website and found SO many great pieces I think you all would love. Rather than sprinkle them throughout several Daily Hunt posts, I decided to put together this one big post with all my favorite Mango items. My shopping cart runneth over. Above, perfectly playful leopard heels.


IVF Heartbreak, Take Two

Hello, my loves. Sadly, Simon and I learned this week that our second IVF attempt failed. The call from the nurse was devastating, but somehow a teeny bit easier than our first round of disappointment. Perhaps, amidst the heartbreak, we’re growing stronger. I still have faith that we’re meant to have a baby, it’s just going to take more time. We’ll be transferring our last frozen embryo in a few weeks. Hopefully, third time’s a charm. And if not, we’ll start over at the very beginning with a new fresh cycle. I am trying to focus on all we have to be grateful for—our supportive family and friends, pug cuddles, our sunny apartment, and this blog and my sweet readers. Most of all, I’m thankful we ended up in Denmark, where fertility treatment is roughly a third of the cost it is in the U.S. (the main reason we’re able to keep trying). This weekend, we’re going to watch movies, have friends over for dinner, and just get hygge. Wishing you all a cozy weekend with the ones you love.