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The Springtime Table

Spring is just around the corner and Easter is one of my favorite holidays. There’s something exciting about sunnier days ahead and the prospect of a fresh start. I love gathering friends and family for an Easter brunch and setting the table, as you might have guessed, is one of my favorite parts. With something as simple as a set of gingham napkins, you can update your everyday dinnerware and give your table a sunny feel. Below, explore over 50 (I may have gone a bit overboard, I couldn’t resist!) pieces for the spring table.


Artist Spotlight: Woodblock Prints by Matt Underwood

Looking to spruce up your walls for spring? I recently came across the work of English artist Matt Underwood and was immediately taken with his colorful creations. Each original hand pulled wood block print is available as a limited edition. Some contain as many as 12 colors! I love how vibrant and playful, yet classically English they are. Explore all of Matt Underwood’s artwork here. READ POST

The Best Thank You Cards on Etsy

Cherry Thank You Card

Few things are sweeter than a handwritten thank you note sent by good, old-fashioned post. Continuing a celebration of my love of snail mail (here are my favorite birthday cards and wedding cards), I’ve rounded up the sweetest thank you cards by Etsy artists and designers. From palm leaves to polka dots, below you’ll find over 25 charming ways to express your gratitude. READ POST

Best of Etsy: Block Print Linens by Kaurture Inc

Lately, I’ve been all about block print. Until I can get to India to buy it up in bulk, I’ve been scouring Etsy for hand printed finds. Kaurture, a boutique based in Texas, sells a lovely array of block printed linens. From euro shams and duvets to dinner napkins and table runners, the shop has something for everyone. Personally, I’m stocking up on the napkins—great for gifting, affordable, and chic! Explore all of Kaurture’s block printed beauties here.