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Artist Spotlight: Fatima Ronquillo

There are few things I love more than stumbling upon an artist I adore. My latest find? The work of Santa Fe-based painter Fatima Ronquillo. I came across her work on Pinterest while perusing images of Victorian lover’s eyes (one of my many random obsessions). Clearly, Fatima and I have some interests in common! The self-taught artist’s work is full of animals (snakes, monkeys, hedgehogs, and more), Orientalist attire (talk about turban chic), and playful yet moody classical motifs. It’s no surprise she was invited by Alessandro Michele of Gucci to collaborate. Below, explore more of Fatima’s exquisite paintings. Adding one to my bucket list! READ POST

Clare Potter’s Porcelain Blooms

Today, I thought I’d share the work of a talented American ceramic artist, Clare Potter. I first stumbled upon her creations years ago when she collaborated with Christopher Spitzmiller and have been admiring them ever since. Clare crafts gorgeous porcelain flowers (and sometimes fruit and veggies) out of porcelain. After firing them in her kiln, she hand paints layers of color onto the blooms until they appear stunningly realistic. Design giants such as Bunny Williams and Charlotte Moss are fans. Naturally, I dream of someday adding a piece of Clare’s work to my art collection. Below, explore more of her lovely creations. READ POST

Marthe Armitage Wallpaper and Fabrics

If you’re part of the interior design world chances are you’re aware of the brilliant work of Marthe Armitage. Born in 1930 in England, the talented octogenarian designs and prints the loveliest wallpapers you ever did see. She first learned about linocut prints in India, where she lived for two years. Today, in her Chiswick studio, each roll of wallpaper is produced on a hand-operated 100-year-old offset lithographic press. Marthe’s daughter and grandson work beside her—a truly artistic family affair. Due to popular demand, the designs are now available as hand-printed or digitally printed wallpaper and as screen-printed fabrics. I dream of someday having a room covered in her jungle birds print. Below, explore more of Marthe’s timeless designs. READ POST

Jemma Lewis Marbling

I’m taking a paper marbling class in Istanbul later this month (just ordered this) and I’m so excited. Whenever I’m in Paris or Florence I buy beautiful handmade papers and last year, I discovered an amazing source in England thanks to instagram. Jemma Lewis Marbling in Wiltshire makes the loveliest marbled papers you ever did see. These Anthroplogie plates are actually one of her designs. If you share my love of marbling, be sure to check out her instagram and online shop. I splurged on a couple of her marbled ornaments for Christmas and now I wish I had enough for an entire tree. Below, explore more of Jemma’s creations. READ POST

Artist Spotlight: Amy Sherald

When Michelle Obama’s portrait was unveiled a few weeks ago, I was spellbound. Her confident gaze, her stunning Milly dress, the thoroughly modern color palette! Who is Amy Sherald the artist behind the spectacular painting? Born in Columbus, Georgia, Amy is an 44-year-old African-American artist whose work explores race and identity. She’s now based in Baltimore, Maryland and while already an accomplished artist, the National Portrait Gallery commission has catapulted her into fame. Her recent paintings have all sold out and a retrospective of her work is being planned for 2020. While she paints both men and women, I am especially mesmerized by her portraits of females. If you were President or First Lady who would you want to paint your portrait? Below, explore more of Amy’s powerful work. READ POST

Crushing on Konstantin Kakanias

While in Paris this past fall, I had the good fortune to visit a small exhibition of paintings by Greek artist Konstantin Kakanias. One of my favorite contemporary artists, I’ve always admired his humorous depictions of the fashion world (Mrs. Tependris is my spirit animal). I was able to pick up a poster at the Paris exhibit, but I dream of someday owning a Kakanias original (the painting above for T Magazine is a favorite—her turban, her coral spoon, her block print tunic!). Below, explore more of his fabulous paintings. READ POST