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Insta-Crush: @porcelain.sommerfeld

I came across these stunning porcelain flowers on instagram and thought I’d share them with all of you. Handmade in by a talented ceramicist in Germany, the blooms are perfect for my far-from-green thumb. The peonies below may just be my favorite, but the detail of every single stem is spectacular. They remind me of something you’d discover at my favorite New York boutique, John Derian Co. Explore more of Porcelain Sommerfeld’s lovely creations below and follow their instagram feed here.


Artist Spotlight: Eleanor Taylor Illustration

I stumbled upon the work of British illustrator Eleanor Taylor last week and am so glad I did. Her distinctively English approach is apparent in her subject matter—think Staffordshire spaniels, lions, boxers, and more. Eleanor’s client list includes The New York Times and The New Yorker (no big deal), among others. In her charming Etsy shop you’ll find a collection of greeting cards and handful of art prints. Explore her full collection here.


Artist Spotlight: Emily Jeffords


I first spotted the work of South Carolina-based artist Emily Jeffords on Minted and was thrilled to find she has an Etsy shop as well. Though she paints everything from florals to abstracts, my favorite works are the Southern artist’s expansive landscapes. I love their vast expanses of sky and pastel-tinged clouds. Explore all of Emily’s work here and here. READ POST

Artist Spotlight: Carolyn Gavin


Are you a fan of florals…? Canadian artist Carolyn Gavin has an online shop brimming with colorful blooms. I was charmed by her retro color palette and love the fact they’re printed on colored paper. This ‘Flowers in my Favourite Mug’ is on my wish list and her Frida Kahlo print is fun too! Explore all of Carolyn’s lovely artwork here. READ POST

Artist Spotlight: Hayley Mitchell


I’ve shared Hayley Mitchell’s work in various “Daily Hunt” posts, but thought it time she received her own dedicated spotlight. The Austin, Texas-based artist is known for her colorful female portraits, but she has also released some pared-down black and white pieces that I’m equally taken with. I look forward to seeing how this young artist’s work evolves over the years. Explore all of Hayley’s available prints here.


Artist Spotlight: Alexis Arnold


These crystallized books by artist Alexis Arnold stopped me in my tracks. Available at Tappan Collective, each sculpture makes for quite the sparkling statement. In the artist’s own words, “The crystals remove the text and solidify the books into aesthetic, non-functional objects. I manipulate the books with my hands, water, and salt to transform them into artifacts or geologic specimens imbued with the history of time, use, and memory.” Aren’t they lovely…? One crystalized Pride and Prejudice, please. Explore more of Alexis’ work here.