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Best of Etsy: Antique and Vintage Diamond Rings

Georgian Diamond Flower Cluster Ring, $3,551

Much to my husband’s dismay, one of my favorite things to peruse on Etsy are vintage diamond rings. Nevermind my engagement and wedding bands—I have 9 other fingers, right?! There are so many stunning, old designs available from antique shops all over the world and in this post I’ve rounded up some of my very favorites. Lately, I’m particularly fond of romantic old Georgian pieces (circa 1714-1837), but on Etsy you can find just about everything. Enjoy!


Best of Etsy: Vintage Signet Rings by M.S. Jewelers


Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift this holiday season? I’m hoping Santa brings a vintage signet ring from the New Hampshire-based Etsy shop, M.S. Jewelers. Perfect for the pinky finger, I’d feel as chic as Princess Diana sporting one of these beauties (she cooly paired hers with a Cartier trinity ring). If you can’t find the desired monogram, they also sell several unengraved options. Explore the full collection here. READ POST

Best of Etsy: Tassel Earrings by Beading Way


If you’re on board with the tassel earring trend I thought you’d like to know about Beading Way. The Lithuania-based Etsy shop sells playful beaded earrings in a variety of fun colors. They’re a fraction of the cost of their high-end counterparts and the shop has hundreds of happy customers. The striped pair above would be fun for the holidays, while this navy blue pair would look flawless from day to night. Explore all of Beading Way’s designs here.


Best of Etsy: Kalinkati Jewelry


Looking to add to your jewelry box? I stumbled upon Kalinkati just this morning and the length of my wish list seems to have doubled. My favorite piece is their sphere necklace—I’m debating between the black agate and the rose quartz. Although, this modern lapis lazuli cuff is tempting too. Each piece is handcrafted in Munich, Germany using brass (they give great care instructions) and semi-precious stones. Explore all of Kalinkati’s collection here.


Best of Etsy: Yayoi Jewelry


I tend to be a person of extremes (moderation, how boring…) and my approach to jewelry is no exception. In my jewel box you’ll find either small, delicate pieces (see here, here, and here) or bold, statement pieces that steal the show (the older I get, the bigger the jewels!). If you’re in the go-big-or-go-home camp, I think you’ll appreciate these creations by Yayoi Jewelry. Based in Riga, Latvia, the wearable works of art are crafted using luxurious materials such as coral, quartz, and silk. I love the weight of the designs. Not for the wallflower, these bracelets and necklaces are conversation starters to be sure. Below, find some of my favorite creations by Yayoi. Explore their full collection here.