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Beginning the Adoption Process

I thought it was about time I gave you all an update on our journey towards growing our family. As I hinted yesterday, we have begun the adoption process. My sweet readers, I have never been more excited for anything in all my life! I really, truly feel this is the way it was meant to be. After seven IVF attempts and one miscarriage, ending fertility treatment in December was the best decision we ever made. We’ve only just started the adoption paperwork and it will be a long process, but just knowing that we will someday be parents means the world to us. READ POST

Sweet Finds for Children and Babies

Felt Cherry Garland

As we prepare for our sixth IVF transfer this afternoon (crossing our fingers and toes!), I’ve naturally got bouncing babies on my mind. There are so many darling finds out there for little ones this time of year and though I’m not a mommy blogger, I love to occasionally share them all with you. Perhaps you have a little one of your own or a niece, nephew, godchild, or grandchild you love to spoil. Below, over fifty charming finds for the babies and children that bring us joy. Praying that Simon and I have one to kiss, cuddle, and spoil rotten soon. READ POST

Miscarriage Heartbreak

Hello, my loves. I’m sorry things have been a bit quiet around here. After transferring our last frozen embryo in early March we were delighted to learn I was, at long last, pregnant. After three emotionally and physically exhausting rounds of IVF, Simon and I were over the moon to say the least. We excitedly called our parents and siblings and I texted all my sweet girlfriends that had been rooting for us along the way. Simon began whispering funny things to the little embryo in my belly and I filled my Amazon cart with baby books. Then, on my 31st birthday, I miscarried. Needless to say, our hearts are broken. READ POST

Spring Baby Fashion Favorites

As with every IVF two week wait, today I have cute, bouncing babies on the brain. Despite this being attempt three, I’m still optimistically flagging sweet items for our future children. This morning, I thought I’d share some of my very favorites (this jacket! these sneaks!) with you. Below, find darling spring pieces for the little ones you love. Above, a cutie patootie sporting this spring meadow dress. READ POST

IVF Heartbreak, Take Two

Hello, my loves. Sadly, Simon and I learned this week that our second IVF attempt failed. The call from the nurse was devastating, but somehow a teeny bit easier than our first round of disappointment. Perhaps, amidst the heartbreak, we’re growing stronger. I still have faith that we’re meant to have a baby, it’s just going to take more time. We’ll be transferring our last frozen embryo in a few weeks. Hopefully, third time’s a charm. And if not, we’ll start over at the very beginning with a new fresh cycle. I am trying to focus on all we have to be grateful for—our supportive family and friends, pug cuddles, our sunny apartment, and this blog and my sweet readers. Most of all, I’m thankful we ended up in Denmark, where fertility treatment is roughly a third of the cost it is in the U.S. (the main reason we’re able to keep trying). This weekend, we’re going to watch movies, have friends over for dinner, and just get hygge. Wishing you all a cozy weekend with the ones you love.

(above, a ridiculously cute cardigan for little girls)

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The Two Week Wait, Take Two

Unsurprisingly, I still have babies on the brain. We transferred one of our two frozen embryos and are now in the midst of the two-week wait. I begged the doctor to transfer both blastocysts (twins!), but they are rarely willing to transfer more than one embryo in Denmark. The transfer itself didn’t go as smoothly as we’d hoped (the doctor had a lot of difficulty and I cried the whole way home), so I’m not very optimistic, but maybe we’ll get lucky this time. Meanwhile, I’m still flagging all the cute baby clothes and accessories I come across online. Isn’t the crochet cardigan above as cute as can be…?! Below, I’ve shared some more of my current baby favorites.

Felt Sheep Baby Mobile

Floral Flutter-Sleeve Baby Dress (on sale)

Gingham Washcloth Set

Oxford Baby Boy Boat Shoes (on sale)

Pink Gingham Baby Overalls

Giraffe Nursery Bookcase

Toddler Pineapple Quilt and Play Mat

Patagonia Water Resistant Baby Girl Down Vest

Owl Laundry Hamper

Baby Chick Swaddle Blanket

Farm Animal Baby Socks Set

Stripe Baby Girl Dress

Whale Toy Basket

Elephant Fitted Crib Sheet (on sale)

Classic Cord Shorts (so Prince George!)

Eyelet Chambray Flutter Baby Top (on sale)

Star Cloud Mobile

Baby Girl August Floral Print Dress

Elephant Shaped Nursery Storage

Bow Baby Ballet Flats (on sale)

Whales Knitted Sweater

Organic Cotton Bubble Romper

Flamingo Swaddle Blanket

Patagonia Water Repellent Baby Boys Down Vest

Dover Dachshund Knit Toy

Eyelet Sun Hat

Gingham Baby Girl Swimsuit with Ruffles

Dottie Bookcase

Knitted Baby Leggings

Miffy Bunny Lamp

Elephant Swaddle Baby Blanket

Daisy Ruffle-Back Baby Leggings (on sale)

Turtle Nursery Toy Storage

Giraffe Crib Sheet

Pink Eyelet Baby Dress

Bunny and Carrot Baby Socks

Elephant Knob (so fun for a dresser or changing table…)

Glitter Jelly Baby Sandals (on sale, these are super cute too)

Jersey Baby Girl Play Set

Eyelet Ruffle One-Piece Baby Swimsuit (on sale)

You Go Girl Canvas Banner

Patagonia Baby Down Filled Jacket

Blooming Scalloped Baby Bib

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