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The Two-Week Wait

Just popping in to update you all on our IVF adventure and wish you all a belated happy holidays. On Christmas Eve I had my egg removal (what a trip, more on that later…) and on Tuesday they transferred one beautiful, little embryo back into my uterus. We now wait two weeks (surely the longest two weeks of my life…) to take a pregnancy test at the fertility clinic. Simon has been spoiling me rotten (he adorably brought Madeline to the egg removal and read it to me while I recuperated…) and I’m just doing my best to stay stress-free. We are so excited and feeling very optimistic. While it was hardly your typical Christmas, it was a memorable one indeed. I hope all of you had a cheerful holiday full of family, friends, and delicious treats. Below, are some fun baby items I have my eye on. If we get a positive pregnancy test, I fear I may go on a bit of a spree! Above, a must-have baby bear suit.


Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Guys

Men’s Palm Tree Socks, $8 (40% off with code HOLIDAY)

Stocking stuffers may well be my favorite of all the Christmas festivities. Simon and I have a competition of sorts to see who can fill the other’s stocking with the best goodies. We set a budget so we don’t get carried away and it guarantees Christmas morning will delight. Below are over 30 fun finds for the holiday stockings of the boys (and men) in your home. READ POST

Preparing for IVF

Yesterday was a very exciting day in the Taylor household—Simon gave me my first IVF hormone shot! After waiting for nearly six months to begin due to my thyroid, we are thrilled to have finally embarked on this crazy assisted conception adventure. For those of you who aren’t familiar with in-vitro fertilization, the “short protocol” that our Danish clinic recommended requires roughly two weeks of hormone injections, an egg removal procedure (they put you under for this in the States, but not in Denmark – wish me luck!), fertilizing the eggs with the partner’s sperm in a petri dish, and, lastly, insertion of one fertilized embryo (sometimes more) back into the uterus. We’ll freeze any extra fertilized embryos for future Taylor babies! My egg removal is tentatively scheduled for Christmas Day (merry merry!), though we won’t know if I’m pregnant until mid-January. The shot last night didn’t hurt at all (and I hate needles), so I’m in good spirits and feeling cautiously optimistic – there’s about a 50% success rate for women of my age. Below, for those that are curious, I thought I’d share how I’ve been preparing for our IVF adventure. (Image: Elephant Pull Toy)


Gift Guide: For Thor, My Rambunctious Little Neighbor


Bear Slippers, $38

Next up in this year’s holiday gift guide (don’t miss the ideas for men, women and little girls) are presents for little boys, inspired by my adorable Danish neighbor Thor. The playful youngster loves to pretend he’s Spider-Man and chase us around the apartment. Every afternoon when he gets home from daycare I can hear him hollering my name from three flights down and whenever he passes our door he peeks through the letter slot hoping for a glimpse of his best pal, Alfred the pug. Below are over 30 gift ideas for the fun little fellas in your life. Enjoy!


Gift Guide: For Ronja, My Cute Little Danish Neighbor


Kitty Beanie Hat, $29

Looking for a fun gift for a little one…? Below are over thirty things that caught my eye, inspired by my cute-as-pie Danish neighbor, Ronja (we call her “Ronnie”). Sometimes I get to babysit the little munchkin while her mom picks up her brother, Thor, from nursery school and we have such fun. I’ll be posting a gift guide inspired by Thor (think dinosaurs, dance tunes, and race cars…) later this week. I hope you find something sweet for someone you love.


Best of Etsy: Big Stuffed


Know a little one that could use a cuddly friend? These plush animals handmade in Paris by Big Stuffed are almost too cute to be true. My favorite is the Big Grandpa Whale above, though the Bubble Whale is pretty handsome as well. They’d be so sweet wrapped in a bow under the Christmas tree! Explore all of Big Stuffed’s darling sea life creations here. READ POST