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Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving


“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” -Epictetus

Just dropping in to wish all my family and friends in America a happy Thanksgiving! I was feeling a bit homesick this morning so I’ve taken the day off to cuddle with Alfred, read The Nightingale (almost finished!), and watch The Queen. We’ll be FaceTiming with my family in California later which is sure to lift my spirits. This year I’m feeling extra thankful for my sweet husband, Simon, who always makes me laugh with his naughty British humor and spoils me rotten. I’m also thankful for the incredible opportunity to live in Denmark, for our health, our beautiful home, and for the companionship of my grumbly pug. I am so thankful for all of you as well. Your thoughtful comments mean more than you know and I am eternally grateful for your friendship and readership. And now, we’re off to eat barbecue with our Danish neighbors! Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving!

(Peony art print by Kari Herer)

12 Tips for the Expat Life


A reader recently commented that she and her husband would be moving abroad and asked if I’d share a bit about my experience as an expat. I lived in Switzerland from 2004-2006 and my British husband lived in the U.S. for nine years, so while we were familiar with life abroad, Scandinavia has been something entirely new to us both. Below are some tips for expat living I’ve gathered from our experience thus far. READ POST

Ticket booked to Morocco!

Morocco, Marrakesh, decorated arched door

So after some thought (thanks for your input!), I’ve decided to head to Morocco next month! India solo seemed a bit daunting and Portugal is so close I can really go anytime. I’m flying direct from Copenhagen to Marrakech in late November and will have four full days to explore the city. I can’t wait to wander the souks and splurge on a beautiful rug or two! If you’ve been to Marrakech before, I’d love to hear your tips. Do you have a guide you’d recommend? Where should I dine/shop/explore…? I will be sure to share my Marrakech favorites upon my return!

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Next stop India…?


Hi guys. Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve had a bit of a rough week. I found out that my thyroid is still out of whack and our IVF plans have been delayed yet again. At the earliest, we’ll now be doing our first round of IVF over Christmas (nothing like hormone injections and eggnog!). With all the sadness, however, it did occur to me that the six week delay could mean an opportunity for more pre-baby travels. Simon has to work, so I’d be traveling solo. I’m thinking maybe India…?! Have any of you been to New Delhi? Jaipur? Any tips? I’m also open to other suggestions. Maybe Morocco or a week in Portugal? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for all of your kind words and support as well—you help me keep my chin up!

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My Summer 2016 Bucket List


Now that summer has finally arrived, I’ve been thinking about how to make the most of the sunny season in Denmark. Below is a bucket list of things I’d like to experience and accomplish these next few months. What would be on your summer bucket list…? I’d love to hear! READ POST

Exciting News: We found Our Dream Apartment!



I’ve been bursting at the seams to tell you: we signed a lease on a Danish apartment! Early last week we stumbled upon a lovely, sunny unit in Copenhagen’s sweet Valby neighborhood and tomorrow we pick up the keys. It’s ridiculously roomy (1,200 square feet…!) and has a proper dining room with the prettiest french doors opening to the living room (see above). Across the street is a gorgeous green park called Søndermarken where lots of dogs play—I think Alfred will love it! I can’t wait to move in tomorrow and begin decorating. I’ll be sharing the process here on the blog as well as on Pinterest and Instagram! Stay tuned!

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