Berdoulat & Breakfast in Bath, England


A charming bed and breakfast has opened for business In the English city of Bath, best known for its ancient Roman spas. I spotted a photograph of the stately space on the instagram feed of @sixsevensix and am so glad I investigated further. Berdoulat & Breakfast consists of two suites in the home of architect Patrick Williams, his wife, Neri, and their daughter, Wren. The building, designed by famous architect John Wood the Elder in 1748, also houses Patrick’s business, Berdoulat Architectural Design. The property was in shambles when the couple purchased it, but has since been restored to its original grandeur (albeit with a modern twist). Focused on preservation, Patrick’s rooms retain their historic integrity without compromising livability. My favorite room has to be the library (pictured below), brimming with the distinctive orange of classic Penguin paperbacks. Have you ever been to Bath…? I hope to someday pay the Williams a visit!


Peter Copping and Rambert Rigaud At Home in Normandy


One can’t help but admire the country estate of Peter Copping, artistic director of Oscar de la Renta, and his talented husband, florist Rambert Rigaud. Situated on a picturesque plot of land in Normandy, the mere sight of the couple’s stately vacation home makes my country house dreams run wild. Vogue shared a handful of photos of the retreat by Pascal Chevallier back in May and, more recently, Architectural Digest published lovely photos of the property by Richard Powers. The interiors are so richly layered—silk ikat lampshades, woven tapestries, a decadent four-poster bed—I can’t help but fancy a visit. Slumber party Chez Copping, who’s with me…?


Fitness Favorite: Outdoor Voices


While in California last winter, I began working out regularly for the first time in my life. Discovering that exercise could be something other than evil torture was, in many ways, the best thing that ever happened to me. I not only lost the 10 pounds that had creeped up on me over a long, depressing year in New York, but also found that I had more energy and was motivated to make generally healthier choices (like eating salad because I’m almost 30 and have been told it’s something grown-ups do). So, after a busted knee in March that left me hobbling up the stairs for several weeks (and subsequently moving to Chicago, falling in love, and indulging in my fair share of deep dish pizza), I’ve finally faced my fears and returned to the gym. So far I’ve stuck to the treadmill, but am also excited to take pilates, yoga, and zumba classes (I used to think classes looked so daunting and/or lame, but have since found them to be, in short, the best thing ever).


My New Apartment in Chicago’s Hyde Park


My apologies for being MIA late last week–we moved! Seeking new adventures (and more space!), Alfred and I have relocated to Chicago’s Hyde Park. It’s a beautiful, tree-lined neighborhood on Chicago’s south side known for the University of Chicago (my grandparents’ alma mater), Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Robie House, and, more recently, the Obamas’ private residence. The top photo is the bay window in our new living room; the bottom was snapped on a Saturday morning stroll through our handsome new hood (those hydrangeas!). The new space has hardwood floors, white walls and molding, glass door knobs, and other quirky features. I’m so excited to share the decorating process with you and explore more of the neighborhood – be on the lookout for a guide to Hyde Park sometime soon. In the meantime, back to unpacking. Wish me luck!


Yves Saint Laurent Reopens Couture


Yves Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane confirmed yesterday that the famed French fashion house will soon be reopening their couture business. Though I’m unlikely to ever be a client, I can’t wait to see what creations they dream up. The new atelier will be housed in a 17th-century Parisian mansion known as the Hôtel de Sénecterre. The chic space’s furniture and art will be a combination of Slimane’s and the house’s private collections. There’s no harm in dreaming…


Harper Poe of Proud Mary for Mother Mag


How darling are these photos of mama-to-be, Harper Poe? The pictures were recently shot by Buddy Editions artist Olivia Rae James in Charleston, South Carolina for a feature on Mother Mag. Harper’s socially conscious and awesomely stylish company, Proud Mary, sells accessories crafted by artisans around the globe. I can’t get enough of her modern, bohemian style and enjoyed reading about her baby plans. When asked what had her most excited about motherhood in general she replied, “I feel like I’m joining a secret society of bad-asses connecting mankind throughout time.” Have to love that! Congratulations Harper!