Audrey Hepburn by Steven Meisel


Speaking of growing old gracefully, few did it better than the legendary Audrey Hepburn. I came across these images of her shot by Steven Meisel in 1991 (she would have been in her sixties…) and had to share. The actress and humanitarian radiated beauty, kindness, and humility all her life.

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Thursday Wish List


Because I pretty much solely sport black and gold…

1/ Leather-Pocket Sweater (Helmut Lang style with a J.Crew price tag…) 2/ Gold Watch (a new smaller scale of the Kors classic, I’m obsessed…) 3/ Paris Tee (my Francophile heart just fluttered…) 4/ Drawstring Bucket Bag (seriously though Tory, it’s perfect…) 5/ Matt Bernson Smoking Slippers (I could cry they’re so chic…) 6/ Scallop Ring (dainty perfection.)

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On aging gracefully…


“Instead, now perhaps we can look at a beautiful woman and know she will be beautiful to the end of her life. She will be different, of course. And yet, like a fine Proustian sentence, she will have gathered time and harvested memory, lived through a million bodily shocks and mental joys and arrived at the perfect embodiment of herself right now. The girl she once was in the summer dress had always known this could happen.” -Andrew O’Hagan

I read a thought-provoking piece in T Magazine yesterday by Andrew O’Hagan titled Laws of Attraction. It’s about women discovering their true beauty with age. He praises the French in their ability to do this. I think it’s something I, as a young American woman, have hardly internalized. I fret about turning 28 next year, about the newfound creases appearing around my eyes — reading this article made my worry seem so baseless. After all, why should only men grow handsomer over time? I’d like to change my attitude about aging and embrace the journey with more self-assurance. Perhaps the piece will inspire you to as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


My Newfound Pinterest Addiction


Okay, so I know I’m late to the party, but lately I have been absolutely addicted to Pinterest. I joined early on but never really caught the pinning bug until a few weeks ago. Now, as Miley would say, I can’t stop. I pin everything: canadian tuxedos (see “personal style”), the eiffel tower (I may or may not have an entire “I want to move to Paris” board), nutella sea salt chocolate chip cookies (who knew such sin existed?!), and nail art. It’s getting serious — I even got a sparkly gold manicure last week (I rarely stray from black or red) because I’d seen one on Pinterest! Do you pin? What are your favorite things to pin? Be sure to leave a link to your boards in the comments – would love to check them out!