Sweater Weather






It’s in the mid-seventies here in California, but I’m dreaming of sweater weather. This editorial seemed too pretty not to share — the third look kills me. My grandmother recently returned from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland and hasn’t stopped talking about the gorgeous, understated knits all her fellow theater-goers were wearing. “Nothing ostentatious about it, just beautiful, luxurious, hand-knit stuff. You should have seen the women, so understated, so chic…they wore them oversized, wrapped, belted…” she gushed. I’m trying to be grateful for the never-ending sunshine, but dear California, won’t you throw me even a hint of a cool autumn breeze…?

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Chicago’s Public Hotel


I love a beautifully designed hotel (don’t we all?) and Chicago’s Public Hotel is among my stateside favorites. I’ve admittedly only been there for dinner and drinks (two nights in a row, shameless), but it was such a chic spot I’d have happily returned for a third. Famed hotelier Ian Schrager was behind the space’s renovation (formerly the Ambassador East hotel) which was completed in late 2011. Its legendary restaurant, The Pump Room, was a glittering hot spot frequented by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland in its heyday. Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has since reinterpreted the menu’s classics and the result is both decadent and delicious (prosciutto wrapped pork chops, scallops with a brown butter vinaigrette…). A highlight for design aficionados are the restaurant’s chandeliers — a series of steel and fiberglass orbs by Neidhardt that you bet your bottom dollar I instagrammed. The space aims to recapture “the glamour of the 30’s and 40’s with a modern twist,” and as far as I’m concerned, they’ve succeeded. I can’t wait to get back.








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Gap Fall Look Book


Have you seen these shots from Gap’s fall look book…? Great things have been happening over there since the new Creative Director, Rebekka Bay, took the reigns. A native of Denmark, she didn’t actually set foot in a Gap store until her mid-twenties in London. Under Bay’s guidance the brand seems to have reverted back to the classics (stripes, cable knit, camel!) and I’m loving their tailored, tomboy vibe for fall. Click the images to shop the looks or check out the entire collection here.











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Donald Robertson for J.Crew



The Donald Roberston for J.Crew collaboration launched this morning and these tees made me smile. The artist’s instagram account (@donalddrawbertson) has long been a favorite — he has the most beautiful family (the cutest twins!) and a gorgeous home. Donald produces his work at a fast and furious pace, often using quirky household materials (hello, neon tape). A recent favorite was his Karl Lagerfeld laundry detergent. Thank you, Mr. Robertson, for making my insta feed brighter. Shop the collaboration here.


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Women I Admire


I was chatting with a girlfriend last night and we got on the topic of women we admire and why. It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. We spend so much time as young women (hopefully not just me!) thinking if we were only thinner or more successful or more “fill in the blank” we’d be happier, but our energy seems misplaced. When I think of the women I most admire it’s never for surface reasons — it’s because they’re kind, they’re intelligent, they make me laugh till my cheeks hurt, or they inspire me creatively. I think of my Aunt Shaun and her sparkling sense of humor. My grandmother Rita and her countless years of volunteer work. I think of Joan Didion’s powerful prose, Maira Kalman’s witty paintings, Jackie Kennedy’s poise under devastating circumstances, Diana Vreeland’s spectacular imagination, Maya Angelou’s awe-inspiring strength… I’ve never once given thought to the size of their waists or their numerical successes — why do I so often focus on my own?

I thought it might be interesting to do a group brainstorm — I’d love to hear, who are women you admire and why? If your responses are anything like your book recommendations, we are all in for a treat.

(pictured: Frida Kahlo)


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