Artist Spotlight: Canine Portraits by Wilma Wau


Looking for a way to celebrate your four-legged friend? Berlin-based artist Wilma Wau creates fantastic original pet portraits using watercolor and wax. You can purchase from the selection in her shop or order a custom piece. It’s hard to find canine-inspired art that isn’t cutesy, but these pieces would hold their own on any sophisticated gallery wall (move over, Gerhard Richter!). I’m tempted to have her create a custom Alfred the pug. Explore all the Wilma’s art here.


Artist Spotlight: Linocut Prints by Diane Rickerby


After painting our living room pale pink (more on that later, I love it!), I’m trying to find some art for the space that feels a bit more masculine. Though they’re botanicals, these linocut prints by Diane Rickerby have such a handsome, graphic quality. I’m debating between treating myself to just this one thistle or splurging on the whole set. Explore all of Diane’s lovely linocut and letterpress prints in her Etsy shop, The Travelling Press. READ POST

Artist Spotlight: Abstracts by Reina Abelshauser


Looking for a statement piece for your walls…? I recently stumbled upon Sofie’s Gallery on Etsy and thought I ought to share. The vibrant paintings, by Maryland-based artist Reina Abelshauser, are all originals. Reina grew up in a family of artists in Munich, Germany and has since planted roots in the Chesapeake Bay. She writes that she can usually be found in “paint-splattered shirts and dusty breeches” which makes her all the more likeable if you ask me. Explore all of Reina’s paintings here.