Beautiful Bennison

I recently fell down a rabbit’s hole of textiles and what a beautiful journey it was. My current obession? The English company, Bennison. When I worked in interior design, I loved using their fabrics in clients’ homes and though years have passed, they certainly haven’t lost their allure. Printed in small batches in England on linens and silks, Bennison’s colorful prints are inspired by 18th and 19th century English and French textiles. What I would give for a powder room in the peacock print below! In the meantime, a copy of this gorgeous book about the company’s talented namesake will have to suffice. Below, explore some of my favorite Bennison fabrics. READ POST

Gucci Décor Launches

The design world went crazy yesterday over news that Gucci will launch a home collection in September. Remember when everyone went gaga (myself included) for the needlepoint cushions given to guests of their Resort 2017 show…? Well, now you can have one of your own! The collection, titled Gucci Décor, will include candles, cushions, chairs, screens, wallpaper, trays, and more. The items will be available to purchase online and at select stores. Explore a sneak peek of the new collection below (pineapple screen, you will be mine!). READ POST