On My Radar


We Will Rise: Tune in to CNN Wednesday night at 9pm ET to see a documentary about Michelle Obama’s mission to educate girls around the world. Joined by Meryl Streep, Freida Pinto, and CNN’s Isha Sesay, the First Lady journeys to Morocco and Liberia to meet young women fighting for an education against all odds. Every time I see the film trailer on CNN International I get goosebumps. I’ll be tuning in. READ POST

Best of Etsy: The Bee and The Fox


These sweet t-shirts by The Bee and The Fox stole my heart. The “Mama Bird” tee may be my first purchase when we get pregnant. After many disappointing delays due to my health (hypothyroidism is such a drag…), we are hoping to finally begin our first round of IVF at the end of the month. I’m nervous (never been a big fan of needles), but am so excited to get started creating our little miracle baby (this onesie made me laugh). If fertility issues are something you’d like to hear more about I’m happy to share more about our experience. Just let me know. Meanwhile, explore more of The Bee and The Fox’s cute t-shirts here.


Artist Spotlight: Carolyn Gavin


Are you a fan of florals…? Canadian artist Carolyn Gavin has an online shop brimming with colorful blooms. I was charmed by her retro color palette and love the fact they’re printed on colored paper. This ‘Flowers in my Favourite Mug’ is on my wish list and her Frida Kahlo print is fun too! Explore all of Carolyn’s lovely artwork here. READ POST