Tory Burch’s New York Office

Today I thought I’d share an oldie but goodie I recently rediscovered online, the New York office of fashion icon Tory Burch. Published in January by Architectural Digest, the space was decorated by interior designer Daniel Romualdez who also helped Tory complete her New York apartment and Southampton home. I love the office’s rich color palette and use of antiques rather than bland office furniture. The space feels more like a personal home than a workplace which surely makes it more enjoyable to be in the office. Below, explore more of Tory’s office and retail spaces and find my suggestions on how you can get a similar look in your own home. READ POST

The Ottoman Chic Home of Serdar Gülgün

Simon and I just booked another trip to Istanbul and I am beyond excited to return to Turkey. We loved our trip this past March, but felt we didn’t have enough time to explore. Thankfully, it’s a short flight from Copenhagen so we’re headed back in October. I’m already saving my pennies for more silk ikat pillows and suzanis! This home belonging to Turkish designer Serdar Gülgün is all my Ottoman dreams come true. He published a gorgeous book with Assouline called Ottoman Chic, and I treasure my copy. Below, explore more of the opulent home. READ POST

IVF Heartbreak, Take Four

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. Sadly, ours was one of heartache. In early August, Simon and I decided that we were ready to restart fertility treatment. Three months had passed since my miscarriage and I was feeling emotionally and physically ready to begin again. IVF is, as I’ve mentioned before, far more affordable in Denmark than it is in the States, so though we’d previously planned to take a longer break, while we’re living abroad I wanted to keep the ball rolling. So, last month we did a fresh round of IVF (the shots, the acupuncture, the whole shebang). READ POST