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Diana Vreeland Stationery

I stumbled upon this special edition Diana Vreeland stationery by Connor on the Barney’s website and am (to put it mildly) absolutely, positively obsessed. I mean, does it get any more fabulous? The lacquered red lining (DV red!), the tusk pendant! Oh and Santa, the tablet is swell, but I prefer the correspondence cards… ;)

Diana Vreeland Interview—“Fashion! Fashion!”

My was she a character!  I just found this footage of Diana Vreeland on You Tube and am completely enthralled.  Until now I’d never heard or seen her speak!  The footage certainly supports all I’ve read about the late fashion icon—she was a larger-than-life personality with endless opinions to share.  I love how she unapologetically exaggerated just about everything.  It certainly made her autobiography riveting.  I hope this makes you smile too.