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Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No. 13


Tah-da!  Hanna Brooks Nation’s Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet!  In case you missed it, don’t forget to check out Hanna’s Gadabout stationery and new POST iPhone app.  Some of my girlfriends sent me messages via POST yesterday and they were too cute for words!  Thanks Hanna for being our guest!  Thank you to Jane Lilly Warren, my Plucky partner, as well.  Her ridiculously charming Cheat Sheets are the highlight of my week.  More in a bit ladies… xo

Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No. 12


Many thanks to the fabulous Lauren Christensen of Lo Boheme for being this week’s Plucky Pioneer.  Sweet peas, Anna Bond, The Met—my kind of gal!  Merci beaucoup to Miss Jane as well.  I know I say it ever week, but this one just may be my favorite!  I’m thinking I’m going to commission Jane to make my own cheat sheet for me to frame.  Wouldn’t  that be fabulous for my office wall?  More in a bit loves… xo katie

Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No.9

cheatsheet_SARAH WALDO.indd

Thank you to the lovely, inspirational Sarah Waldo Jagger for being this week’s Plucky Pioneer and to the talented Jane Lilly Warren for yet another beautiful cheat sheet!  I seriously can’t get enough of that white tee/vintage jewels/converse combo!  Lots more to come this afternoon… XO Katie

Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No.6


Thank you again to the lovely Tamara of House of Honey for being this week’s Plucky Pioneer!  A shout out to my Plucky partner in crime, Jane Lilly Warren, is due as well.  Week after week she creates these cheat sheets and she never fails to amaze me.  Such a talent my dear Jane!  Until later my loves… XO Katie

Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No.2


How brilliant is this second Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet created by the talented Jane Lilly Warren?  I tell you the girl is a graphics genius!  I’m so lucky to have her as my Plucky Pioneer partner in crime.  Thank you again to Catherine Fitzsimmons of Rickshaw Design for sharing her story with us.  Don’t you just love her favorites?  I’ll let everyone know the second Rikshaw launches their full size bedding—I have a feeling I’m not the only one eager to snatch some up!  In the meantime I’ll be buying pieces from the existing Rickshaw collection for every baby I know!  Oh and below, a sneak peek of the upcoming children’s apparel collection also to be launched online this spring…just look at those bloomers!  Too darn cute.  Until tomorrow…

XX  Kate “The Neo-Trad”

Picture 40