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Oh Alexa…

These old shots of Alexa Chung attending a Miu Miu show in Paris may just be my all-time favorites of the Anglo-“IT”-girl.  The New York Times did a fantastic piece on her just this morning.  Is it just me or is her down-to-earth, “undone” approach to life (and fashion) a breath of fresh air?

(images via Only The Best)

Master Flower Class





Emily Weinstein of The New York Times recently wrote about a flower arranging class at Brooklyn’s Little Flower School and I had great fun living vicariously through her experience.  The school emphasizes my very favorite whimsical, unruly arrangements and has an entire class on wildflowers!  The copious amounts of dahlias, english roses, peonies and scabiosa pods made my heart sing.  For step by step instructions on your own arrangement, be sure to read the article here!

The Book of Shells


I’ve added a new title to my library wish list, The Book of Shells.  The life-size edition classifies over 600 seashells and for a budding collector like myself (geeky, I know…) it’s a very exciting thing.  Did you know the Matchless Cone (second from top) was one of the rarest shells of the 18th century?  At an auction in 1796 a Matchless Cone sold at six times the price of a Vermeer painting.  Apparently I’m not the only one that loves seashells!

(via The New York Times)

Victorian Dreams





I am completely enchanted by this little Victorian cottage in the Catskills.  Once an old hunting cabin, the now shabby chic cottage is packed with charm yet still lacks a bathroom and kitchen.  The owners, Sandra and Todd Foster, live in a 1971 trailer across a nearby stream.  Ms. Foster renovated the 9 by 14 foot cottage on a $3,000 budget all by herself decorating with pieces from flea markets and salvage shops.  I’m swooning over the flower box and chalky white chandeliers.  She calls the place her “refuge.”  Well deserved!

(via The New York Times)